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Crystal report training

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Crystal Reports XI Training Prerequisites

All attendees should have basic familiarity with at least one relational database such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, or DB2.

Hands-on/Lecture Ratio

This course is more than 60% hands-on, with the longest lecture segments lasting for 20 minutes.

Crystal Reports XI Training Materials

All Crystal Reports XI training students receive comprehensive courseware covering all topics taught and a copy of Crystal Reports XI: The Complete Reference.

Software Needed on Each Student PC

  • Windows 2000 or later with at least 1GB RAM (2GB RAM or more strongly recommended)
  • Crystal Reports XI
  • Microsoft Office XP, 2003, or 2007

Crystal Reports XI Training Objectives

All attendees will learn how to:

  • Create a simple report
  • Format their reports
  • Select specific records from the database
  • Group and sort data
  • Combine tables
  • Create and use Formulas
  • Conditionally format report sections
  • Create summary reports and charts
  • Export reports in a variety of formats, including HTML for the web

Crystal Reports XI Training Outline

  • Before You Begin
    • Defining the Purpose of the Report
    • Determining the Layout of the Report
    • Finding the Data
    • Organizing the Data for the Report
    • The Workbench
  • Creating a Simple Report
    • Starting the Crystal Reports Program
    • Starting a New Report
    • The Main Components of the Design Window
    • Exploring the Toolbars
    • Managing Resources with Explorers
    • Placing Fields on the Report
    • Selecting and Sizing Objects
    • Browsing Field Data
    • Moving and Aligning Objects
    • Using Guides and Guidelines to Move and Align Objects
    • Creating Text Objects
    • Saving the Report
    • Autosaving the Report
    • Previewing the Report
    • Refreshing the Data
    • Getting Help
  • Formatting Features
    • Quick Formatting with the Template Expert
    • Formatting Objects
    • Format Painter
    • Inserting Lines and Boxes
    • Drawing a Line
    • Drawing a Box
    • Inserting Graphics
    • Working with the Page Commands
    • Working with Text Objects
    • Adding Fields into a Text Object
    • Formatting Part or All of an Object
    • Inserting Special Fields
  • Selecting Specific Records From the Database
    • Filtering Data with the Select Expert
    • Selecting Records with Multiple Criteria
    • Viewing and Editing the Select Formula
    • Case Sensitive vs. Case Insensitive
    • Record Selection Formula Templates
  • Grouping and Sorting Data
    • When and Why to Group Records
    • Creating a Group
    • Group and Sort Direction
    • Customize Group Name Field
    • Modifying Groups
    • Creating Multiple Groups in a Report
    • Using the Group Tree to Navigate the Report
    • Reordering Groups
    • Sorting Records within a Group
    • Summarizing Groups
    • Additional Summary Options
    • Grouping Data in Date/Time Intervals
    • Calculating Percentages
    • Ordering Groups Based on Their Subtotals Using the Group Sort Expert
  • Combining Multiple Tables
    • Understanding Tables, Records, and Fields
    • Learning about Linking
    • Adding Multiple Tables to a Report
  • Creating and Using Formulas
    • Understanding Crystal Formula Syntax without Being a Programmer
    • About the Formula Workshop
    • Using the Formula Workshop
    • Using the Formula Editor
    • The Formula Editor Toolbar
    • Performing Simple Number Calculations
    • Manipulating Dates with Formulas
    • Creating Boolean (True/False) Formulas
    • Creating String Formulas
    • Using Bookmarks to Navigate Through Formulas
  • Conditional Formatting
    • The Highlighting Expert
    • Setting Highlighting Priorities
    • Formatting Sections
    • Formatting Sections Conditionally
    • Conditionally Formatting Fields
  • Creating Summary Reports and Charts
    • Creating a Summary Report
    • Applying the Drill Down Feature
    • Applying the DrillDownGroupLevel
    • Producing Charts
    • Editing Charts
    • Formatting Charts
    • Using the Chart Options
    • Modifying Individual Objects in the Chart
    • Using Auto-Arrange Chart
    • Applying Chart Templates
  • Exporting Your Reports Within Your Organization
    • Understanding Export Formats and Destinations
    • Using an HTML Format for Crystal Reports
    • HTML Preview
    • Exporting to Windows Applications
    • Exporting to a Report Definition Format
  • Setting Default and Report Options
    • Setting the Default Layout for Design and Preview Views
  • Using the Report Wizards
    • What are the Report Wizards?
    • Create a Report Using the Standard Report Creation Wizard
    • The Data Dialog Box
    • The Fields Dialog Box
    • The Grouping Dialog Box
    • The Summaries Dialog Box
    • The Group Sorting Dialog Box
    • The Chart Dialog Box
    • The Record Selection Dialog Box
    • The Template Dialog Box
  • Conclusion

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