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All the jobs that need to be rerun were all rerun successfully. The triggers are fired and

are checking DB status now.

We had a GSM Crash today at 4:35 PM EST.  So, there was another one at 5:12 PM and the

server was very busy so we did not reran the jobs.
Here is the job and trigger lists from this GSM Crash.  Please, rerun them.
[attachment "trigger_list_2009-10-15.txt" deleted by Cong Zhao/China/IBM] [attachment

"jobs_to_rerun_2009-10-15.xls" deleted by Cong Zhao/China/IBM]

I change my working hours from 2nd shift to 1st shift today because of team building

tonight. My foot was hurt this morning, so I will work from home during morning time and

will come to office after lunch.
I've changed the Hyperion v8 Production in AHE Desk Procedure today, I've aggregated a new

section that you can see below:
SLO: Please don't forget to claim for this week. Thanks.
All the reports scheduled to run on Oct 15th China time have been updated successfully and

the subscription emails has been received in BRIOMAIL.

We need to collect the shift information and holiday support.
If you did or will do shift (2nd shift and 3nd shift) during 09-26-2009 to 10-23-2009 ,
please fill out the excel as the example below (it must be filled basing on actual),
and send it to me before 3:00PM China time tomorrow

1 job failed today. it reran failed.

For details, please refer to the attachment.

Please process the request at required time and reply to Cezar with result.
Follow e-mail with bqys to load into Production environment for PMFR 2009 Release 3 Project

on Oct 15, 2009 After 8 PM EST and before Oct 16, 2009 9 AM EST and Transfer spreadsheets

with loading details.

Gurunath Nedumbaram will be available to clarify any questions.

Thank you so much for your help on this one.
Please find the Bqys to load into  Production environment for PMFR 2009 Release 3 Project on

Oct 15, 2009 After 8 PM ET and before Oct 16, 2009 9 AM ET and Transfer spread sheets with

loading details.
Please try installing the below 3 databases into your workspace, you may need to use them in

future. These 3 databases are our daily support DBs for Support team. Any problems, please

let me know.
Besides, please go to our server and install ILC, which is used to claim for the hours we

worked to the customers. Please follow the below steps.
1. Go to ISSI URL
   In the left menu, select 'Asia Pacific', then 'Window XP'.
   In the right blank area of Search Catalog, please input 'ILC 1.4', then click 'GO'.
2. In the below show-up window, please click the 'IBM Intranet Labor Claiming(ILC) v1.4' to

3.Install it to local by clicking 'Install Now'.
Our ID/PW spreadsheet has been updated accordingly.
Sorry for disturbing you again~~
We made some further changes in the group list. Would you like to update it in local address

book again? Thanks.

For US and Brazil team members, please ignore the Hyperion COE group. It is just used within

China team. Thanks.
Please use this updated version. Thanks. :)
Below is the distribution list within Hyperion team. Please update to your local address

book.  For new members, if you have problems with how to use local address book, please feel

free to contact with me. Thanks.
I will be out of the office starting  2009-09-27 and will not return until 2009-10-26.

I will respond to your message when I return. If you have anything urgent for ITFT, please

contact Ya Nan Liu
I have a good news for you!

Lots of Cognos training are available for you now, and they are FREE! These training are

very important for you to get a Cognos certification. So, if you plan to get any

certification, pls choose the corresponding training listed below and take it via the IBM

virtual eLabs. Pls make your plan carefully and make sure you will follow it.

Here you can find out the Cognos certifications, and the training required for each:

This roadmap will also help you to understand the different development paths in Cognos and

all the steps/trainings in each path:

Pls let Ying and me know your plan, and if you can send back your plan to me before next

Monday, it will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Any idea when is going to be fixed?  I still can't access the HRIW reports even having

followed the instructions below.
The error message seems to be a server issue hitting all of the HR apps we share it with not

just the HRIW, here is what brio team sent me.
We have been working at this issue these two last weeks, because it is happening with other

users from various application and until now we don´t have any ETA, but there are two

actions that will resolve the problem temporally.

Please, let us know whether this actions let you access the Hyperion reports you need.  And

soon we have the definitive instruction to resolve this root cause problem, we will contact

One ICRS report has script. error, report name=Signings By Type - ABB. In the section of

Channel Report and Signings Report, I found three columns were not defined.
The columns are in the pictures below, they exist in report footer and they are not defined

in the results section.
Please help to check this report and notify developer to modify it. Thank you very much 
FYI. Please update your local connection entries accordingly
Just a heads up that I will probably go ahead this evening and update my b8user passwords,

begining with CDT first and then moving to PROD.
I will send notes ahead of time to warn you.
The passwords for the IDs owned by you will be expired within this week. Please update them

and reply to Wenyi Li/Southfield/IBM@IBMUS and 
Cong Zhao/China/IBM@IBMCN to update the spreadsheet.

After changing the password, please ensure that oce files and trigger property can be

updated accordingly in time to avoid ID revoke.
If you can not make change on Hyperion side, please contact the application lead or anyone

who can take over the corresponding change for updating.

You need to find an empty cabinet fisrt,then apply for your key according to the following

Dear,fill this allication form. then send to Yi Deng/China/Contr/IBM after you got your manager's approval.

Please reach me if any problem~

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