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Personal information

Name                    Yan Huang

Gender                  Female

Date of Birth                   1986.10

Mobile Phone              131, 2880, 5303


Self evaluation

Strong leadership , Quick learner, Creative thinking, Good teamwork spirit, Strong communication skill, enjoy sharing  experience and knowledge with team members, be happy to help others


Qualifications                Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Technology

                                     Shandong University, China, 2008

Professional experience


Profile                           Graduated from Shandong University in Jul, 2008, majoring in Computer Science and

Technology. During my undergraduate study,

1. Joined the Beyond Computer Association of Shandong University as a key member. Organized some lectures of computer knowledge;

2. Joined the English Federation of Shandong University;

3. Joined the glee club of Shandong University



1. Awarded the 1rd Prize in chorus Contest of Shandong University in 2004;

2. Received “Outstanding Students’ Leader” of Beyond Computer Association in 2006;

3. Received “Outstanding Students’ Leader” of English Federation in 2006;


With solid knowledge background and great passion, joined Foxconn in Sep, 2008.

Under GDSBG  act as a BI developer.


Key Skills                      Microsoft BI tools, Microsoft Reporting services, Microsoft  Analysis Services, SQL Server, SQL, ETL, Data Warehouse related knowledge and multi-dimensional data modeling.


.NET C#, OO design, Software Engineering, JavaScript, HTML, etc.


Good use of English in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Pass College English Test Band 6





Career History         08/2008 - To date       Foxconn GDSBG Group


                                                             Serve as a Microsoft BI developer under EASBU.


     Assignment History        08/2009 - To date      GDS Cost Control System

1 month                      -

Project Description: We use the electronic form. to complete the input of revenue, so we can easily query and maintenance the data, we also process the data and exhibit it to the managers of department with reports, by which they can analysis the cost of department and then adopt some action to cut down the cost.

Contribution: Mainly as the project leader,work on the entire lifecycle of the project

• Extracted, analyzed and confirmed the requirement with customer and write requirements specification

• System analysis and design.

• Database design

Developed reports with Microsoft Reporting Service

• Assigned work mission and schedule tracking

• Offered technical support


01/2009 - 08/2009

8 months

GDSBG Marketing & Sales billboard System


Project Description: Establish the billboard of GDSBG Marketing & Sales uses the electro-info instead of Excel, so that sales and department managers can realize and analysis the status of Marketing & Sales. With BI solution to make the system supply the dynamic, intuitionistic information for managers. In this way, they can find a solution to the problems and make the corresponding decision.

Contribution: Acted as the leader of the BI develop team (six persons)

• Extracted, analyzed and confirmed the requirement with customer

• Developed the system function with JavaScript

Developed reports with Microsoft Reporting Service


01/2009 - 02/2009

2 months

ISO 20000


Project Description: Apply ISO20000 in IT Service, standardize the services that provide by services department.

Contribution: As a chief lecturer of   training the ISO20000 report team for Reporting Service.

• Helped GCRM department develop the reports

• Offered technical support


09/2008 - 12/2008      Project Management Information System

4 months                -

Project Description: To establish the system of Project Management to support the project work and ensure the standardization and objectivity of products, in order to enhance the work of planning, execution and defect tracking. Supply the schedule, human cost, utilization rate of manpower and other interrelated information for managers. Monitor all the processes of the project, so as to discover the abnormity and some grave events. High-level managers can use this system and realize the status of their projects.

Contribution:   Served as the Assist Project Manager

• Extracted, analyzed and confirmed the requirement with customer

• Developed the system function with JavaScript

• Developed a lot of reports that based on user's demand with Microsoft Reporting Service

• System Testing

• Offered technical support

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