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Cannot Compile Forms Module On Unix FRM-91500

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Oracle Forms - Version: 9.0.2 to 10.1.2
HP-UX PA-RISC (32-bit)
AIX5L Based Systems (64-bit)
Solaris Operating System (SPARC 64-bit)
Linux x86

Generating modules by or brings

FRM-91500 Unable to start/complete the build.
Cause is the successor of f90genm and needs a DISPLAY and is the successor of
f90gen and need TERM=vt220 and ORACLE_TERM=vt220

Additional a correct NLS_LANG setting needed.

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. set the DISPLAY inside the

2. set NLS_LANG=xxx_xxx.

(Nor allowed for this are characterset UTF8 or windows charactersets like we8mswin1252, ar8mswin1256,..


1. set TERM=vt220


   set ORACLE_TERM =vt220

 inside the

2. Set NLS_LANG= xxx_xxx.UTF8

( not allowed are windows charactersets like we8mswin1252, ar8mswin1256)


Additional information

Sometimes using UTF8 or AR8ISO8859P6 to compile on Linux for Forms developed on Windows
with ar8mswin1256, results in meaningless arabic letters for boilerplates and buttons (as the mapping is different).

In this case you can test to use ar8mswin1256 with FRMCMP_BATCH (if you also set the charset to ar8mswin in Tk2Motig.rgb) it will work fine, and you will get correct characters in the form.
But in general on an UNIX environment, don't use windows characterset.

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