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3 of 9 barcode in reports

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Subject: Barcodes are Incorrect after Upgrading from 9iASR1 to 10gASR1
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"Checked for relevance on 18-May-2009"

Applies to:

Oracle Reports Developer - Version: to
Solaris Operating System (SPARC 64-bit)


On Sun Solaris OS, after upgrading from Oracle Application Server 9iAS Release 1 (9.0.2.x.x) to Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 (10.1.2.x.x) and running the equivalent URL, the barcode shows up as text.


Report displays fine except the barcode shows as text:




 In this case, the Barcode Font had not been properly installed on the Solaris box and that was the reason why it would not display the font in the report.  Alternatively, TTF fonts (i.e. C39ONT.ttf) in themselves can only be used via pdf subsetting.


Font does not show up on the Solaris 5.9 box where it is being deployed when opening the report in Report Builder 10g (9.0.4.X), therefore, indicating the font has not been properly installed.


Objective:  Use a different barcode font like:  FRE3OF9X.ttf

Download it from:

On MS Windows 2000:

1. Install the true type font -- FRE3OF9X.ttf
2. Make a copy of and open the previous report (i.e. C39ONT.rdf) or create a new report.
3. Change the column you want as barcode to display for the font:  Free 3 of 9 Extended (Western)
4. Rename the report free3of9.rdf
5. Change uifont.ali as follows:
[ Global ] # Put mappings for all surfaces here.

# Mapping from MS Windows
"Free 3 of 9 Extended" = times
[ PDF:Subset ]
times = "FRE3OF9X.TTF"

On the Solaris OS (or Unix):

6. Change uifont.ali like in step 5 and FTP the files to the Solaris box:

a.  free3of9.rdf to /u02/oracle/904_mid/reports/samples/demo directory in binary mode
b.  FRE3OF9X.ttf to /u02/oracle/904_mid/reports/samples/demo directory in binary mode

7. Run the report as follows:


--> It should successfully display the report in the barcode font 'Free 3 of 9 Extended'.

** NOTE:  Use Acrobat Reader 6.0 for best results.  Adobe Acrobat 5.0 may display thicker bar codes as compared to Acrobat Reader 6.0.




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