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Just one last dance

Just one last dance....oh baby...just one last dance

We meet in the night in the Spanish café
I look in your eyes just don''t know what to say
It feels like I''m drowning in salty water
A few hours left till the sun''s gonna rise
tomorrow will come an it''s time to realize
our love has finished forever

how I wish to come with you (wish to come with you)
how I wish we make it through

Just one last dance
before we say goodbye
when we sway and turn round and round and round
it''s like the first time
Just one more chance
hold me tight and keep me warm
cause the night is getting cold
and I don''t know where I belong
Just one last dance

The wine and the lights and the Spanish guitar
I''ll never forget how romantic they are
but I know, tomorrow I''ll lose the one I love
There''s no way to come with you
it''s the only way to do

Just one last dance, just one more chance, just one last dance

I still believe

you look in my eyes
and i get emotional inside
i know it's crazy but
you still can touch my heart
and after all this time
you'd think that
i wouldn't feel the same
but time melts into nothing
and nothing's changed

i still believe
someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again
i had a dream
someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again

each day of my life
i'm filled with all the joy i could find
you know that i am not the desperate type
if there's one spark of hope left in my grasp
i'll hold it with both hands
it's worth the risk of burning
to have a second chance
no, no, no, no, no, nooo i need you baby
i still believe that we can be together
ooooohoh no no nooo
if we believe that true love never has to end
then we must know that we will love again

i still believe
someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again
oh baby, yeah yeah
i had a dream
you and me
will find ourselves in love again(i still believe)
oh baby i do(someday you and me)
just give me one more time
and love again
i had a dream(i miss your love)
someday you and me
will find ourselves in love again

When you believe

When You Believe

(From The Prince Of Egypt)

Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

Many nights we've prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hopeful song
We barely understood

Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear
We were moving the mountains long
Before we knew we could

There can be miracles when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe
Somehow you will
Now you will
You will when you believe
Just believe
And this time of fear
When prayer so often proves in vain
Hope is like the summer birds
To swiftly flown away
Now I'm standing here
My heart so full I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I'd say

They don't know this answer when you ask them
And it's easy to give in to your fear
But When you fly as high past your pain
You can see your way through the rain
More of us still receive your advice
Says nothing's there we need

.... to be continued


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