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Prodigious (Adjective)

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Definition 1: Impressively large or enormous; extraordinary, exciting wonder.[@more@]

Usage 1: The noun, "prodigy," refers to someone with a prodigious talent. In the 18th century, the adjective was use as an intensifier, like "really," "very," and so on: "It was a prodigiously fortuitous accident that allowed my wife and me to meet for the first time" is a sentence (not to say a mouthful) fitting for a romance. The word no longer serves that function.

Suggested usage: Today, you can speak of a child's prodigious talent for painting or your great-aunt's prodigious ability to upset everyone at family gatherings, or the prodigious amount of cat hair on the couch. It now refers to an enormous or extraordinary amount of something.

Etymology: Latin prodigiosus "monstrous or portentous" from prodigium "an omen, portent."

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