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ORA-12545 问题

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Client Connection to RAC Intermittently Fails-ORA-12545 TNS: Host or Object Does not Exist (Doc ID 364855.1)

Log in with privileges to the instance and issue the following commands so that LOCAL_LISTENER is set correctly:


alter system set LOCAL_LISTENER="(address=(protocol=tcp)(port=1521)(host=)) scope=both sid='INSTANCE_NAME1';

Do the same for the 2nd instance where host is set to the and the sid is set to the 2nd instance name.

alter system set LOCAL_LISTENER="(address=(protocol=tcp)(port=1521)(host=)) scope=both sid='INSTANCE_NAME2'; 

Now the correct address using the VIP hostname will be registered against the listeners in the cluster.

The client should be able to resolve all forms of the VIP host via their /etc/hosts file.  i.e. short name and fully qualified.

Clients Failing to Connect Due to Intermittent ORA-12545 in RAC Environment (Doc ID 291175.1)

Edit the /etc/hosts file or winnt/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file.  Add a mapping for whatever hostname is not being resolved.  For example:   myhost

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