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AutoLockbox (or Lockbox) is a service that commercial banks offer
corporate customers to enable them to outsource their accounts
receivable payment processing. An AutoLockbox operation can process
millions of transactions a month.

You specify how you want
this information transmitted and Receivables ensures that the data is
valid before creating QuickCash receipt batches. You can automatically
identify the customer who remitted the receipt and optionally use
AutoCash rules to determine how to apply the receipts to your
customer’s outstanding debit items.


AutoLockbox is a three step process:
1. Import: During this step, AutoLockbox reads and formats the data
from your bank file into the AutoLockbox table using an SQL
*Loader script.
2. Validation: The validation program checks data in the
AutoLockbox tables for compatibility with Receivables. Once
validated, the data is transferred into QuickCash tables. At this
point, you can optionally query your receipts in the QuickCash
window and change how they will be applied before submitting the
final step, Post QuickCash.
3. Post QuickCash: This step applies the receipts and updates your
customer’s balances.

---一下步骤介绍如何使用lock box.

1.设置 transaction format



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