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2.oracle10.2  补丁10.2.4  

3.SAP ECC6.0



Symptom ORA-12546: TNS:permission denied(SAP安装到CRTEATE DATABASE的时候查LOG)
启动 #lsnrctl start   或dbca重新创建数据库的时候出现如上错误提示


按照NOTES:Note 722966 - Composite SAP Note: ORA-12546 

Symptom ORA-12546: TNS:permission denied

Other terms TNS-12546 12546

Reason and Prerequisites

An ORA-12546 error may occur due to various authorization problems that can occur while you are building a database connection using Oracle Net.

Refer to note 562403 for more information about Oracle Net.

The error may have the following causes:

1. UNIX: Authorizations for the socket files are not correct.
2. UNIX: Authorizations for the Oracle executable are not correct.
3. You are not allowed to use a port in listener.ora.
4. Resource problems may occur.
5. TCP.INVITED_NODES restricts the connection.
6. WINDOWS: Installation on EM64T/X64


1. To establish an Oracle Net connection, socket files are placed in the /var/tmp/.oracle or the /tmp/.oracle directory. If the system cannot access the sockets correctly, the connection may fail with an ORA-12546 error message. Refer to note 396873 for more information.
2. Check, as described in note 583861, whether the authorizations were set correctly for the Oracle executable.
3. The error can occur while you are starting the listener if you have specified a port in the listener.ora file that is outside of the range allowed by the operating system. You should, therefore, ensure that you are not using any port with a number lower than 1024 in the listener.ora file. In addition, you should check the operating system dependent-configuration of the valid ports.

              Furthermore, check whether the port cannot be used for any other reasons (for example, because it is already assigned to another program). By default, the Oracle Net environment uses port 1521 or 1527.

              If you require more information about your operating system, contact your operating system partner.

4. If the error only occurs after the database has already been running for a while, check, as described in note 384839, whether there are resource bottlenecks.
5. ORA-12546 can also occur if database access is restricted to certain hosts using the TCP.INVITED_NODES Oracle net parameter, and you try to log on from another host. Check whether this access restriction exists and whether it is configured correctly in accordance with Note 186119.
6. The installation of Oracle on EM64T/X64 is not currently supported. Attempts to log on to the database may fail with ORA-12546. The listener.log  contains the following entry:
32-bit Windows Error: 5: Input/output error

              Therefore, only install Oracle on supported platforms.


按照以上NOTES提示把/var/tmp/.oracle 和/tmp/.oracle 2个文件进行chown -R oracle filename.



SAP安装完成后  所有文件系统容量情况如下。

# df -g
Filesystem    GB blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/hd4          20.00     19.79    2%    13179     1% /
/dev/hd2           5.00      2.62   48%    47968     8% /usr
/dev/hd9var        5.00      4.73    6%     8823     1% /var
/dev/hd3          20.00     18.40    9%     2684     1% /tmp
/dev/fwdump        1.00      1.00    1%           1% /var/adm/ras/platform
/dev/hd1           0.50      0.50    1%       32     1% /home
/dev/hd11admin      0.25      0.25    1%           1% /admin
/proc                                    /proc
/dev/hd10opt       5.00      4.70    7%    10536     1% /opt
/dev/livedump      0.25      0.25    1%           1% /var/adm/ras/livedump
/dev/lv00          0.25      0.24    4%       18     1% /var/adm/csd
/dev/fslv00       30.00      8.80   71%     6561     1% /sapinst
/dev/fslv01      400.00    304.11   24%    29552     1% /oracle
/dev/fslv03       10.00      9.22    8%      807     1% /sapmnt/DEV
/dev/fslv04       20.00     19.16    5%     1054     1% /usr/sap/DEV
/dev/fslv05       30.00     30.00    1%       17     1% /usr/sap/trans
/dev/fslv02      100.00     99.98    1%           1% /oralce/DEV/oraarch


SAP_SAP <wbr>FOR <wbr>AIX安装1


SAP_SAP <wbr>FOR <wbr>AIX安装1


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