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Mysql Binary Log (3)

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 Binlog file structure



All events have a common general structure consisting of an event header followed by event data:


| event header |


| event data |





header length = x bytes

data length = (event_length - x) bytes

fixed data length = y bytes variable data length = (event_length - (x + y)) bytes

x is given by the header_length field in the format description event (FDE). Currently, x is 19, so the extra_headers field is empty.

y is specific to the event type, and is given by the FDE. The fixed-part length is the same for all events of a given type, but may vary for different event types.

The fixed part of the event data is sometimes referred to as the "post-header" part. The variable part is  sometimes referred to as the "payload" or "body."



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