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Oracle default users

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CTXSYS/CTXSYS                  The Oracle Text account Oracle Text Reference
DBSNMP/DBSNMP               The account used by the Management Agent 

                                                  component of Oracle Enterprise Manager to monitor

                                                  and manage the database Oracle Enterprise

                                                  Manager Grid Control Installation and Basic

LBACSYS/LBACSYS             The Oracle Label Security administrator account

                                                  Oracle Label Security Administrator's Guide
MDDATA/MDDATA                The schema used by Oracle Spatial for storing

                                                  Geocoder and router data Oracle Spatial User's

                                                  Guide and Reference
MDSYS/MDSYS                      The Oracle Spatial and Oracle interMedia Locator

                                                   administrator account Oracle Spatial User's Guide

                                                    and Reference
DMSYS/DMSYS                       The Oracle Data Mining account.Oracle Data Mining

                                                   Administrator's Guide/Oracle Data Mining Concepts
OLAPSYS/MANAGER             The account used to create OLAP metadata

                                                    structures. It owns the OLAPCatalog 

                                                    (CWMLite).Oracle OLAP Application Developer's

ORDPLUGINS/ORDPLUGINS  The Oracle interMedia user. Plug-ins supplied by

                                                     Oracle and third party format plug-ins are installed

                                                     in this schema.Oracle interMedia User's Guide
ORDSYS/ORDSYS                   The Oracle interMedia administrator account

                                                    Oracle interMedia User's Guide
OUTLN/OUTLN                         The account that supports plan stability. Plan

                                                     stability enables you to maintain  the same

                                                      execution plans for the same SQL

                                                      statements.OUTLN acts as a role to centrally

                                                      manage metadata associated with stored

                                                      outlines.Oracle Database Performance Tuning

SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA/SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA   The account that stores the

                                                     information views for the SQL/MM Still Image

                                                     Standard Oracle interMedia User's Guide
WKSYS/WKSYS                       The account that supports Oracle

                                                     UltraSearch.WKSYS is a privileged Oracle user

                                                      who owns the Ultra Search data dictionary and

                                                      internal objects.  Ultra Search uses the WKSYS

                                                     user for storing Ultra Search packages and

                                                     metadata.  Other user defined objects or data

                                                     should not be stored in the WKSYS schema. By

                                                     default,  the account is locked.  The password

                                                      should be changed immediately for security

SYS/CHANGE_ON_INSTALL           The account used to perform. database

                                                     administration tasks Oracle Database

                                                       Administrator's Guide
SYSMAN/CHANGE_ON_INSTALL          The account used to perform. Oracle

                                                     Enterprise Manager database administration

                                                     tasks. Note that SYS and SYSTEM can also

                                                     perform. these tasks.Oracle Enterprise

                                                      Manager Grid Control Installation and Basic

SYSTEM/MANAGER               Another account used to perform. database

                                                   administration tasks



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