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Storage Hierarchy Summary(oracle 存储体系汇总)

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In summary, the hierarchy of storage in Oracle is as follows:
1. A database is made up of one or more tablespaces.
2. A tablespace is made up of one or more data files. These files might be cooked files in
a file system, raw partitions, ASM managed database files, or a file on a clustered file
system. A tablespace contains segments.
3. A segment (TABLE, INDEX, and so on) is made up of one or more extents. A segment
exists in a tablespace, but may have data in many data files within that tablespace.
4. An extent is a logically contiguous set of blocks on disk. An extent is in a single tablespace
and, furthermore, is always in a single file within that tablespace.
5. A block is the smallest unit of allocation in the database. A block is the smallest unit of
I/O used by a database.
1. 一个数据库是由一个 或者多个表空间组成;
2. 一个表空间是由一个或者多个数据文件组成,这些文件可能在一个文件系统,裸设备,ASM管理的数据库文件,或者在一个集群文件系统中,一个表空间是由多个段组成
3. 一个段(表,索引,等等)是由一个或多个区组成,一个段只能存在于一个表空间中,不能夸表空间
5. 块是数据库中最小的分配单元

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