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What is Oracle's Application Implemetation Methodology (AIM)

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What is a methodology..

A methodology is a set of guidelines or principles that can be tailored and applied to a specific situation.”

In a project environment, these guidelines might be a list of things to do. A methodology could also be a specific approach, templates, forms, and even checklists used over the project life cycle.

Therefore that was the driving factor for bringing AIM’s as methodology which was initially used by Oracle consulting , which is now most acceptable methodology for oracle application roll out.

So then what oracle application methodology in short AIM’s based out of…

  • Multi-track methodology
  • Technology Modernization
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Oracle Application/System Development
  • Organizational Change
  • Project Management

When it was first launched
The first version of AIM was initially released for use by Oracle Consulting staff in October 1994.

  • Tasks, steps and deliverables for project life cycle
  • Templates for many deliverables

AIM 2.0, a refined version of the method, was released in July 1997.

Oracle introduced AIM Advantage 3.0 in September 1999.

What is current version in market?
Oracle has launched AIM’s 3.1 version, which is also called as AIM’s Advantage, which is now a consider as web-deployed tool kit for planning, executing and controlling Oracle Applications implementation projects.

What is new in AIM’s?
In newer version couple of new enhancement has been made, they are

· Support for business process change using the new Business Process Architecture process

· Integration with Oracle products like Oracle Business Models and Oracle Tutor

Is any cost for holding AIM’s tool?
Yes, as reported on Oracle site it cost you USD $2195 for per Named User(.. this may be changed..check with Oracle site)

What other methods and tools are integrated with AIM 3.1?
AIM 3.1 is closely integrated with Oracle’s Project Management Method (PJM). AIM and PJM tasks are both reflected in the AIM Work Breakdown
Structure (WBS).

  • Oracle Business Models (OBM)
  • Solution Value Assessment (SVA)
  • Oracle Support Assessment (OSA)
  • Learning Needs Assessment (LNA)
  • Enterprise Data Management System (EDMS)
  • Oracle Tutor

How I get the AIM’s software?
AIM’s download is only limited to OPN (Oracle Partner Network)

What is software requirement for AIM’s 3.1
1. Windows 2000, XP, NT
2. Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or later
3. Microsoft Office 2000 or later
4. Microsoft IE 6.0 or later, or Netscape 7.0 or later

What is covered in AIM’s

  1. Technology Modernization
    This can be understood as the IT track contains tasks and steps relating to the creation and maintenance of procedures governing the hardware, systems software, toolsets, and databases.
  2. Oracle Application/System Development
    The Oracle Application/System Development track contains the tasks and steps relating to the development of custom or tool code to support interfaces, conversions, extensions, reports, and integration testing exercises. This track overlaps the process reengineering track with the iterative design and setup of the application modules.
  3. Business Process ReengineeringThe BPR track contains tasks and steps relating to process reengineering and application configuration. Prototyping is used to facilitate the design of “To Be” processes.
  4. Organizational Change
    The Organizational Change track contains the tasks and steps relating to culture and change readiness assessment, organizational and job analysis, facilities analysis and preparation, user procedures and performance based training.
  5. Project Management
    This track contains the tasks and steps relating to the development and management of work products on an Oracle Applications engagement. Its focus is to ensure that projects are estimated correctly, managed successfully, and properly integrated

Will come back with yet another additional information for AIM’s, keep watching this space…Good Weekend guys ..


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