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install HMC 4.5 in vmware

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install HMC 4.5 in vmware

hi all

after reading some posts about installing HMC in vmware, i decided to play it on my pc.

I recalled this whole procedure and wrote it down. i hope people who do not have physical hmc can have fun with it.

PC environment -
OS windows xp SP2
vmware - vmware workstation 5.5
install media HMC 4.5 (4 cds) - you can download iso files from here URL

1. install vmware software in your pc.
2. create a new vitual machine with typical mode and you should choose the linux - redhat linux as the virtual machine's OS.
3. assign the cdrom to iso file - HMC_Recovery_V4R5.0_1.iso and boot the VM.
4. follow the promot - push F8 to install a brand new HMC and F1 to start. after the first cd has been install, system will ask for other cds; release the current iso file instead of the next one - HMC_Recovery_V4R5.0_2.iso.
5. hit enter after swap to the HMC_Recovery_v4R5.0_2.iso, VM will reboot automaticlly.
6. install process will ask you if you want to install all additional disks - HMC_Recovery_V4R5.0_3.iso and HMC_Recovery_V4R5.0_4.iso. in my case i installed all four cds.
7. after install all cds, it will ask your a DVDRAM for backup, you can skip this step and go ahead. system will reboot automaticlly again.
8. the VM will go to command-line directly; install vmware-tool in this step.
9. after installing the vmware-tools, you are able to use the HMC gui.
10. enjay it.

troubleshooting -
1. when you create the VM, you must change the default Vitual disk type from scsi to ide. or you will get this error as following.

Kmod:failed to exec /sbin/modprobe -s -k ide-cd,errno=2
vfs:cannot open root device "hda5" or 03:05
please append a correct "root=" boot option
kernel panic:VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:05

2. during install vmware-tool, you will get this prompt as below.

None of VMware Tools's pre-built vmmemctl modules is suitable for your running
kernel. Do you want this program to try to build the vmmemctl module for your
system (you need to have a C compiler installed on your system)? [yes]

in my case, system could not find the C compiler, install has to be stopped manauly and reinstall again with answer "no".

3. all install procedure was very slow and please have patience.

I hope people who are insteresting at this point can find some value.

Best Regards,



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