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Let’s start with something really simple...

Few questions I have came across at least hundreds of times that why my Smart list is not populating in my data form. even though the data type of the member is Smart List , why I am unable enter %, Date or Text in a data form.

A simple solution, all of us know, move dimension to the Evaluation Order. But WHY??? Why it doesn’t work earlier but started working after we move Dimension in the evaluation order.

Here is a bit of explanation on that, we all know that data is stored at an intersection of members from each dimension. For Example

This 1000 is not just stored for Sales and January, this is actually stored at the below combination(In this ex. there is no POV):
Sales->Jan->E11->P0001->FY09->Current->Version_1 = 1000;

If you are going to change even a single member from the above combination then this will be pointing to a different value all together (There is a lot of talk about this, trust me !, but someday later).

But why I am talking about this? Am I out of my mind, not really ;) this is going to give a base to what I am going to say next, so as we noticed that data is actually stored at member combination and not for few members and we also know that every member has a data type associated with it. In our example lets assume that it is Currency for Sales, for ease of understanding Unspecified for rest of members like Jan, E11, P0001, FY09, Current, Version_1. Now our data form. is confused which data type should be granted to the combination, here comes the Data Type Evaluation Order in picture ladies and gentleman. In Evaluation Order we try to tell our planning which Dimension's data type to be considered first. Lets take more ex:

Sales%->Jan->E11->P0001->FY09->Current->Version_1= 10%; (Of-course type %)
AccountType- >Jan->E11->P0001->FY09->Current->Version_1= ClassA; (From Smart List)

Now the data type of Sales% is percentage and of Jan is say Currency and rest all are unspecified. Now the intersection of Sales% and Jan (i.e Percentage and Currency data type respectively) must be resolved, this is based on how you define the order set and the data type Evaluation Order is the defined order. The dimension which is first in the order takes the precedence over the next. In nut shell "We set the Evaluation Order for each Plan Type when we have multiple data types for a combination".

If you will try to save below without moving Accounts to Evaluation Order,

The moment you try to hit save(Lost focus from the current cell) you will get below error:

Lets assume If you have a Smart List attached to AccountType but its not visible now:

Now if you look at the Evaluation Order:

Lets set the Evaluation Order now:

Here you go:

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