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Clean Uninstall 11.1.2.x

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If uninstaller is stuck somewhere during uninstalltion then we can perform. few things to make sure EPM is un-installed property. First of all un-installation should be done by same user who installed it.


If you are doing a clean uninstall make sure you:

1.  Delete environment variables like ARBORPATH, EPM_ORACLE_HOME, ESSBASEPATH, HYPERION_HOME etc,

2.  Delete .oracle.instance file from Documents and Settings\\,

3.  Delte set_hyphome.bat file from Documents and Settings\\,

4.  Delete all the file left in Hyperion_Home,

5.  Delete BEA folder,

6.  Delete or rename installer records in Program Files\common files\InstallShield\,

7.  Delete Program Files (x86)\Oracle\ or Program Files\Oracle\inventory,

8.  Delete the Hyperion Solutions key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software,

9.  Delete the wow6432node\oracle Key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software,

10. Delete the Brio\Hyperion\Oracle keys under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software,

11. Delete all the Hyperion realated services,

12. Delete from All Programs,

13. Reboot the machine,

14. May reinstall EPM System now.

Note: You need to run a seprate uninstaller for WL and OHS


1. Delete the HYPERION_HOME folder and sub folders,

2. In HOME directory of the user that installed Hyperion EPM and delete .oracle/Hyperion.server.products

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