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Why My Data Form is Still Read Only...!!!

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By RahulS on Aug 22, 2011

There are times when we wonder why our data form. is read only, there can be many reasons, various points can be checked to get rid of this. I will try to jot down few of the them which may take you out of this situation.

1. Refresh the database, because whenever you open a data form, Planning communicates with Essbase to retrieve data for that combination, if the member  is not present in Essbase then the form. will be read only for a particular row if the new member is in the row.

2. The next thing that can be looked if its a read only form. or not. To check it, you can edit the web form. and can look in the other option's tab and make sure Make Data Form. Read Only is not checked, you will find this option under Display Properties, here is a link for details. You cant check this option for Composite data forms.

3.  Make sure all the members in the data from are level 0, you might want to check Page and POV members as well, because we are allowed to enter data only at the level 0 through data forms(Talking about bottom up Versions). Even if a single member in the member combination is not level 0 that combination will be read only.

4. Check if Scenario is open for the period for which you are trying to enter data. Here is the link for detailed info on it.

5. If the data form. is read only for BegBalance only, then again scenario dimension comes in to picture, make sure you have checked Include BegBalance as Time Period. You can check the same by editing the scenario .

6. Make sure members in Page and POV are with data storage property Stored or Never Share.

7. As we know that every web form. is designed for a single plan type and every account dimension member has a source plan type, make sure that source plan type of account members is same the one for which data form. is designed. You can edit the account member to find the  source plan type for that member.

8. If its a multi currency application, check if you entering data at Local Currency Member.

9. Check if the Entity Member for which data form. is read only is not a part of active planning unit, in other words check if workflow is started. Easiest way is to edit the scenario and uncheck enable for Process Management.

10. Cell is of Green Color (#87C7CA) background, it means there are supporting details for this cell, you need to double click the cell to make changes. 

11. If admin is able to write in the data from but a user/ few users is/are unable to then make sure that user has the write access to all the members in the intersection.

12. If you have included Asymmetric Section then, Planning gives you an option to make Asymmetric Row/Column Read Only. 

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