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Abount DataCopy

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We commonly use DATACOPY in Essbase to create blocks before performing other calculation operations however; a recent experience highlights a circumstance you should watch for.  We were trying to ensure that we had all the necessary target blocks by doing multiple DATACOPY operations from several source Scenario->Version combinations.  We were getting incorrect results at the end of the calculation and traced it back to missing blocks in the final Scenario->Version.  What we found is that our process was creating blocks in the first DATACOPY and then removing them in the second DATACOPY.

What we found is if you perform. a DATACOPY and the source intersection does not have a block, but the target intersection does, the target is removed from the database. 

So, if you are using DATACOPY to seed intersections make sure you are getting the results you expect and watch out for blocks being removed by DATACOPY.

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