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What does a Hyperion Infrastructure Administrator Do?

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  • Monitor system performance with ‘Performance Monitor’ or some similar tool
  • Monitor Hyperion System Logs for errors and outage conditions
  • Manage Hyperion Services for uptime
  • Manage complete system backups including the necessary MAXL scripting for Essbase backups (archive mode, etc.)
  • Manage or assist with management of all system RDBMS backups
  • Troubleshoot issues with both client and server systems
    • SmartView Client connections, FR Studio connections, HFM Client support
    • Essbase cube stop/start, HFM application start/stop, JVM monitoring and troubleshooting, IIS/Apache/OHS support and maintenance
  • Migration of objects between environments (Dev, Test, Production) using LCM, or manually for earlier versions
  • Manage the technical documentation of all fixes, versioning, and issues for the suite
  • Manage all technical tickets both with the internal ticketing system, and externally to Oracle or other vendors
  • Be prepared to apply patches to the environment including:
    • System level OS patches
    • Patches for third-party products (J2EE servers, PDF Print software, Microsoft Office, etc.)
    • Patches to the product suite which may include full product reinstallations
  • If required by IT policy, the management of users/groups within Shared Services and their proper role assignment may be a responsibility
  • Understand changes in application base/scope to ensure the architecture does not need to grow
  • Monitor all system usage metrics so that additional hardware is expanded in advance of need: RAM, Disk, Processor, etc.
  • are you ok all above?

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