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Oracle EBS R12.1新特性

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New Products in Release 12.1

1.Product Name : Oracle Landed Cost Management (LCM)

The new product Oracle Landed Cost Management (LCM) gives organizations financial visibility into their extended supply chain costs, including
transportation and handling fees, insurance, duties and taxes therefore this product is being integrates with logistics, procurement, and financial applications to provide a comprehensive landed cost tracking solution.

Just who are new to ERP, landed cost is sum of Purchase cost , Freight Cost,Octroi , Labor charges involved in loading and unloading and GST /VAT Taxes.

Landed cost = Purchase Price + Freight Charges + Octroi + Labor charges for loading and unloading + Taxes.

Oracle LCM is integrated out of the box with Oracle EBS

  • Oracle Procurement
  • Oracle Inventory
  • Oracle Cost Management
  • Oracle Payables
  • Oracle Advanced Pricing
  • Oracle Transportation Management

Details for Reference

Oracle notes :Oracle Landed Cost Management | Data sheet

dgreybarrowChannel Revenue Management

2. Product Name : Oracle Supplier Ship & Debit

This application automate all agreements, tracking, accounting journal entries and chargeback’s to vendors manual processes for timely claims processing.

Oracle Supplier Ship & Debit

Oracle notes :Oracle Supplier Ship & Debit | Data sheet

This Product is being integrates with the following finance modules:

  • Oracle General Ledger
  • Oracle Payables
  • Oracle Channel Rebated and POS Management

3. Product Name : Oracle Price Protection

Channel Revenue Management product enabling orchestration and automation of supplier price changes.With this timely claims processing through automated integrations to through various Oracle Products..

Oracle Price Protection is integrated out of the box with Oracle EBS

  • Procurement
  • Warehouse / Inventory
  • Costing
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

Details for Reference

Oracle notes :Oracle Price Protection | Data sheet

Already Available

4. Product Name : Oracle Site Hub

As a part of Oracle MDM This Product is going to cater some of industry like retail banking, telecom and even manufacturing which they need to maintain and manage many locations.

Therefore Oracle Product Site Hub is a repository for site specific data that will be leveraged during the life cycle of a site including analytics, such as market planning, competitive analysis, site selection, project management, location management, facilities management to closure. Site Hub allows for master site records, centralized data storage, data quality management and integration of services.

Organizations with many locations, whether manufacturing plants around the world or a mix of stores, kiosks, ATMs, offices and/or distribution centers around the country, need a repository for location data to assist them with these business requirements.

  • Single HTML interface
    • Create, manage, search and map sites
    • Create and group user-defined attributes
    • Assign sites to hierarchies, clusters, maintenance orgs and inventory orgs
    • Create parties and relationships, e.g. competitors and partners, in Trading Community Architecture (TCA)
    • Create a property in Property Manager
    • Create an inventory organization from an existing inventory organization
    • Create maintainable assets based on a site asset template in a maintenance organization (eAM)
    • Google Maps and web services
    • Leveraging Oracle Database, Oracle Spatial, and Oracle Trading Community Architecture

Major Benefits of this Product is you can enhance operational efficiency in site opening, closing or maintenance and improves decision making .

Oracle notes : Oracle Site Hub | Data sheet

5. Product Name : Oracle PIM for Retail

This Product is used fir single view of product information that can be leveraged across all departments so retail side you can manage sell-side as well buy-side product catalog.This application consolidate, manage and synchronize all product information with other source systems and trading partners.

There is two major advantage with this product

  • Improves speed of New Product Introduction
  • Decreases cost of collaboration with partners and suppliers

Oracle notes :Oracle PIM for Retail | Data sheet

6. Product Name : Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center

This is the new application built on top of Oracle Advanced Planning that maximizes the value of your planning information by increasing accessibility and strengthening business orientation.

This is coupled with a role based analytical UI (with concepts such as business scenario management) and the automation of planning processes

Oracle notes :Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center | Data sheet

7. Product Name : Oracle Demand Signal Repository

A separately deployable application designed to maintain a consolidated view of demand information between the OEM and Retailer to facilitate the transition to demand driven .

Oracle Demand Signal Repository captures, cleanses and harmonizes large volumes of external demand data to give users insight to consumer and supply chain behavior.

Oracle notes :Oracle Demand Signal Repository | Data sheet

8. Product Name : Oracle Service Parts Planning

This is the new application within Oracle Advanced Planning designed to support the increasing importance of after-market service through the management of service parts.

This Combines extensive and purpose-built service parts planning capabilities, all fully integrated with the rest of Oracle Advanced Planning and
the associated execution systems.

Oracle notes :Oracle Service Parts Planning | Data sheet

9. Product Name : Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center

Oracle notes :Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center | Data sheet


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