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windows 32位的 Oracle 内存限制问题

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整理了一下,收藏[@more@]windows 32位的问题

遍地都说 3G开关,开了3G开关能给oracle.exe进程的内存也就最多3GB吗?

Physical Address Extension. PAE is an Intel-provided memory address extension that enables support of up to 64 GB of physical memory for applications running on most 32-bit (IA-32) Intel Pentium Pro and later platforms. Support for PAE is provided under Windows 2000 and 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. 64-bit versions of Windows do not support PAE.

PAE allows the most recent IA-32 processors to expand the number of bits that can be used to address physical memory from 32 bits to 36 bits through support in the host operating system for applications using the Address Windowing Extensions (AWE) application programming interface (API). More information about the AWE API can be found at the MSDN Library.

通过PAE能支持的内存更大的内存,但是看过Note:225349.1又发现白高兴了,多出来的内存只能用作block buffer cache还得用DB_block_buffers指定(除非不用10g的自动sga管理)


What the PAE
switch allows you to do from the Oracle perspective is to
increase the amount of memory that can be used
for the Oracle Database
Block Buffer Cache
. It is important to note that this additional memory
can ONLY be used by Oracle in the form of an increased value

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