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Not Able To Open Forms Session After Cloning.

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Oracle ebs 11i



Applies to:

Oracle Applications Technology Stack - Version:
This problem can occur on any platform.


You have completed a clone and are able to login to Self Service Applications however forms will not launch after clicking a Forms responsibility. There is no errors that appear and the Applet for forms will not launch

Errors in the log file are as follows;

Filename =access_log.1190332800
See ...
[Fri Sep 21 11:30:21 2007] [error] [client ] File does not exist:

[Fri Sep 21 11:35:02 2007] [error] [client ] client denied by server configuration:

- [21/Sep/2007:10:44:17 -0400] "GET /pls/OFRNG/fnd_icx_launch.launch?resp_app=SYSADMIN&resp_key=SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR&secgrp_key=STAND
ARD&start_func=FND_FNDCPQCR_SYS&other_params= HTTP/1.1" 400 227 0

Filename =error_log
See ...
[Tue Sep 18 15:42:46 2007] [error] [client] mod_security: Access denied with code 400.



Environment was cloned.


The issue is only occuring on Sun Solaris Operation system. Oracle Development has reported the
issue to Sun in Bug 6406198 to investigate and deliver a solution.



The following work-around can be used to resolve the problem until Sun has provided the OS patch.

1. Stop Apache Server

2. Unset the environment setting LC_COLLATE

3. Start the Apache server

Forms will launch now from the Self Service Personal Home Page.


Note 394587.1 - Access Denied With Code 400 When Starting Forms or Calling MOD_PLSQL
Note 305903.1 - Launching Forms From OA Framework Homepage Fails


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