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How can i recreate or relink conc manager(fndlibr ) with adadmin
shyam kumar

- Login as applmgr and source the environment file (APPSORA.env under $APPL_TOP)
- Run 'adadmin'
- Select "2. Maintain Applications Files menu"
- Select "1. Relink Applications programs"
- Do you wish to proceed with the relink [Yes] ? --> Enter
- Enter the name of your Oracle Applications environment file below.
File name [_.env] : --> Enter
- Enter list of products to link ('all' for all products) [all] : fnd
- Generate specific executables for each selected product [No] ? yes
- Relink with debug information [No] ? --> Enter
- Enter executables to relink, or enter 'all' [all] : FNDLIBR

Applications for UNIX are generally not distributed as complete executables. Oracle, like many application vendors who create products for UNIX, distribute individual object files, library archives of object files, and some source files which then get relinked at the operating system level during installation to create usable executables. This guarantees a reliable integration with functions provided by the OS system libraries.

In Oracle Apps, you use AD Relink to relink AD excutables with the Oracle server product libraries. Linking executables keeps them functioning properly with the Oracle database.

Relinking Oracle manually is suggested under the following circumstances (even though the OS vendor may not require it):

- An OS upgrade has occurred.
- A change has been made to the OS system libraries. This can occur during the application of an OS patch.
- A new install failed during the relinking phase.
- Individual Oracle executables core dump during initial startup.
- An individual Oracle patch has been applied (however, explicit relink instructions are usually either included in the README or integrated into the patch install script)

As of 11.5.10, the only product you can relink all executables is AD: force=y ranlib=y "fnd all"

adrelink: You may not use the 'all' target or any symbolic target
when linking executables. Also, adrelink no longer supports
linking all executables for all products using the 'all' keyword.

Please use the AD Administration utility if you need to link all
executables for all products or all executables for a product.

Exception: You may relink all executables for the "ad" product.

Type 'adrelink' with no arguments to see usage message
Some of the examples:
To relink all executables for all products
$ adrelink force=y ranlib=y all
To relink all executables for Application Object Library
$ adrelink force=y ranlib=y "fnd all"
To relink aiap
$ adrelink force=y ranlib=y "fnd aiap"
To relink aiap, FNDLIBR, and GLPPOS
$ adrelink force=y ranlib=y "fnd aiap" "gl GLPPOS"
To relink programs listed in the file 'tempfile.txt'
$ adrelink force=y ranlib=y filelist=tempfile.txt

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