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Oracle ebs R12 For windows2003 server 按安装步骤

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Oracle ebs R12 For windows2003 server 按安装步骤

Installation Steps:

1) Install Windows 2003 Server.

2) Set 'Computer Name' as well as 'Domain Name'.

3) Create a new user 'hsawwan' and make this user a member of:
- Administrators (local user)

4) Install Visual C++ 8.0 (Which is included in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005) in 'C:VCPlus' -- Make sure not to install VC++ in a directory that contains spaces.

5) Download 'Cygwin' and install the required packages as listed in Note: 414992.1 (Using Cygwin to Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 on Windows). Install 'Cygwin' in 'C:cygwin' -- Make sure not to install 'Cygwin' in a directory that contains spaces.

6) GNUMake is not required when using 'Cygwin' since it comes as a part of the 'Cygwin'.

C:cygwinbin>copy gawk.exe awk.exe
C:cygwinbin>copy grep.exe egrep.exe
C:cygwinbin>copy make.exe gnumake.exe
C:cygwinbin>copy gcc.exe cc.exe

7) Add 'C:cygwinbin' to the system path.

8) No JDK installation is required, JDK 5.0 (java version "1.5.0_08") is bundled with Oracle Applications R12 installation.

9) Set Up the Stage Area:

Stage Area (C:Stage12) requires a 26 GB hard disk space.

Extract the zip files (25 files) which have been downloaded from ( Nothing special to do since the extracted files will create the stage area directory structure by itself. You should see the following structure under 'C:Stage12' once you are done with the files extraction:

- startCD > Disk1
- oraAppDB > (Disk 1 to Disk 35)
- oraApps > (Disk 1 to Disk 7)
- oraAS > (Disk 1 to Disk 2)
- oraDB > (Disk 1 to Disk 3)

10) Start the installation:

C:> cd Stage12startCDDisk1rapidwiz
C:Stage12startCDDisk1rapidwiz> RapidWiz.cmd

The installation wizard is similar to 11.5.10 RapidWiz. For 'VC++' and 'Cygwin' I have provided the following paths:


- It took almost 3 hours to install everything
- Total space required to install Vision instance is 153 GB

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