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About SAP OSS Connection

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There are two alternatives to establish Internet connections to SAP

- Secure network communication (SNC) via SAProuter software to deliver
software encryption
- Virtual private networks (VPN), which provide hardware-level

Please visit the following site for further information for the
secure connection to the SAP Service and Support Network via Internet: -> Technical Prerequisites
-> How to establish Internet Connections -> Technical Specifications

Please provide us with the following information, in order for us to
register your connection to SAP.

Contact person networking (for VPN only):
Fax number (for VPN only):

[ ] SAProuter / SNC via Internet [ ] Internet VPN

o IP address of SAProuter computer (*)
o Host name of SAProuter computer
o IP address of VPN switch (for VPN only)
o Type of VPN switch: brand and model (for VPN only)

o Type of Internet connection (mark one) [ ] Frame Relay
[ ] ISDN
[ ] Leased line
[ ] X.25
[ ] Dial-up
[ ] xDSL
[ ] Other:
o Bandwidth of your Internet connection (in kbps)
o % of current utilization of your Internet bandwidth

(*) Here you must enter the registered IP-address of the SAProuter
machine for your access to and from SAP Support. This address must
be an official and registered IP-address.
Private address areas such as: - - -

can't be used.


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