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BI--SAP BI的重要的数据表列表( NW2004)

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Transfer Structure
RSTS Transfer Structure List
RSTSFIELD Transfer Structure fields
RSTSRULES Transfer Structure rules
RSAROUTT Text name of Transfer Routine
DD03T Text for R/3 Transfer structure Objects
Update Rules
RSUPDROUT Update rules List
RSUPDDAT Update rules with routines
RSUPDKEY Update rule key fields
RSUPDINFO InfoProvider to Infosource correlation
Embedded ABAP coding for Transfer / Update Rules
RSAABAP ABAP source code per object routine
RSLDPIO Links datasource to infopackages
RSLDPIOT InfoPackage Text Description
RSLDPRULE ABAP source code for InfoPackages
RSLDPSEL Hardcoded selections in InfoPackages
RSMONICDP Contains the request-id number by data target
RSPAKPOS List of InfoPackage Groups / InfoPackages
RSEVENTCHAIN Event Chain Processing Event Table
RSEVENTHEAD Header for the event chain
RSEVENTHEADT Header for the event chain
RSPCCHAIN Process chain details
RSPCCHAINATTR Attributes for a Process Chain
RSPCCHAINEVENTS Multiple Events with Process Chains
RSPCCHAINT Texts for Chain
RSPCCOMMANDLOG System Command Execution Logs (Process Chains)
RSPCLOGCHAIN Cross-Table Log ID / Chain ID
RSPCLOGS Application Logs for the Process Chains
RSPCPROCESSLOG Logs for the Chain Runs
RSPCRUNVARIABLES Variables for Process Chains for Runtime
RSPC_MONITOR Monitor individual process chains
RSZELTDIR Directory of the reporting component elements
RSZELTTXT Texts of reporting component elements
RSZELTXREF Directory of query element references
RSRREPDIR Directory of all reports (Query GENUNIID)
RSZCOMPDIR Directory of reporting components
RSZRANGE Selection specification for an element
RSZSELECT Selection properties of an element
RSZELTDIR Directory of the reporting component elements
RSZCOMPIC Assignment reuseable component <-> InfoCube
RSZELTPRIO Priorities with element collisions
RSZELTPROP Element properties (settings)
RSZELTATTR Attribute selection per dimension element
RSZCALC Definition of a formula element
RSZCEL Query Designer: Directory of Cells
RSZGLOBV Global Variables in Reporting
RSRWBINDEX List of binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBINDEXT Titles of binary objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBSTORE Storage for binary large objects (Excel workbooks)
RSRWBTEMPLATE Assignment of Excel workbooks as personal templates
RSRWORKBOOK Where-used list for reports in workbooks
Web templates
RSZWOBJ Storage of the Web Objects
RSZWOBJTXT Texts for Templates/Items/Views
RSZWOBJXREF Structure of the BW Objects in a Template
RSZWTEMPLATE Header Table for BW HTML Templates

Directory of all InfoObjects
RSDIOBJT Texts of InfoObjects
RSDIOBJ Directory of all InfoObjects
RSDIOBJT Texts of InfoObjects
RSDATRNAV Navigation Attributes
RSDATRNAVT Navigation Attributes
RSDBCHATR Master Data Attributes
RSDCHABAS Basic Characteristics (for Characteristics,Time Characteristics, and Units)
RSDCHA Characteristics Catalog
RSDDPA Data Package Characteristic
RSDIOBJCMP Dependencies of InfoObjects
RSKYF Key Figures
RSDTIM Time Characteristics
RSDCUBE Directory of InfoCubes
RSDCUBET Texts on InfoCubes
RSDCUBEIOBJ Objects per InfoCube (where-used list)
RSDDIME Directory of Dimensions
RSDDIMET Texts on Dimensions
RSDDIMEIOBJ InfoObjects for each Dimension (Where-Used List)
RSDCUBEMULTI InfoCubes involved in a MultiCube
RSDICMULTIIOBJ MultiProvider: Selection/Identification of InfoObjects
RSDICHAPRO Characteristic Properties Specific to an InfoCube
RSDIKYFPRO Flag Properties Specific to an InfoCube
RSDICVALIOBJ InfoObjects of the Stock Validity Table for the InfoCube
RSDDAGGRDIR Directory of Aggregates
RSDDAGGRCOMP Description of Aggregates
RSDDAGGRT Text on Aggregates
RSDDAGGLT Directory of the aggregates, texts
ODS Object
RSDODSO Directory of all ODS Objects
RSDODSOT Texts of all ODS Objects
RSDODSOIOBJ InfoObjects of ODS Objects
RSDODSOATRNAV Navigation Attributes for ODS Object
RSDODSOTABL Directory of all ODS Object Tables
RSTSODS Directory of all PSA Tables
DataSource (= OLTP Source)
ROOSOURCE Header Table for SAP BW DataSources (SAP Source System/BW System)
RODELTAM BW Delta Procedure (SAP Source System)
RSOLTPSOURCE Replication Table for DataSources in BW
RSIS Directory of InfoSources with Flexible Update
RSIST Texts on InfoSources with Flexible Update
RSISFIELD InfoObjects of an InfoSource
Communications Structure
RSKS Communications Structure for InfoSources with Flexible Update
RSKS Communications Structure (View) for Attributes for an InfoSource with Direct Update
RSKSFIELD Texts on InfoSources with Flexible Update
RSISFIELD InfoObjects of an InfoSource with Flexible Update
Transfer Structure
RSTS Transfer Structure in SAP BW
ROOSGEN Generated Objects for a DataSource (Transfer Structure, for example in SAP Source System)
RSISOSMAP Mapping Between InfoSources and DataSources (=OLTP Sources)
RSOSFIELDMAP Mapping Between DataSource Fields and InfoObjects
RSBSPOKESELSET InfoSpoke Directory and Selection Options
RSBSPOKEVSELSET InfoSpoke Directory with Selection Options and Versioning
SAP BW Statistics
RSDDSTAT Basic Table for InfoCubes/Queries
RSDDSTATAGGR Detail Table for Aggregate Setup
RSDDSTATAGGRDEF Detail Table of Navigation for each InfoCube/Query
RSDDSTATCOND InfoCube Compression
RSDDSTATDELE InfoCube Deletions
RSDDSTATWHM Warehouse Management
RSSELDONE InfoPackage selection and job program
RSPSADEL PSA Table deletion
TBTCP Job Schedule Definition
TBTCO Job Schedule Result
RSMONMESS Monitor Messages
RSERRORLOG Check loading errors in table
V_RSZGLOBV Report Variables view table
DEVACCESS Developer Keys table
TSTC All Transactions in the system
RSDDAGGRDIR Directory of the aggregates
ROIDOCPRMS Control parameters for data transfer from the source system
SMEN_BUFFC Objects in User's Favorites
Web Item
RSZWITEM Header Table for BW Web Items
RSZWMDITEM BW Web Metadata: Template Item ( Dataprovider, Item, ... ).
RSARCHIPRO BW Archiving: General Archiving Properties
RSARCHIPROIOBJ BW Archiving: General Archiving Properties
RSARCHIPROLOC BW ARchiving: General Local Properties
RSARCHIPROLOCSEL BW Archiving: Archived Data Area
RSARCHIPROPID BW Archiving: Program References of InfoProvider
RSARCHREQ BW Archiving: Archiving Request
RSARCHREQFILES BW Archiving: Verfified Archive Files
RSARCHREQSEL BW Archiving: Request-Selections
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