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水晶报表未能刷新embedded OLE objects的原因

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“Some links could not be updated because their sources are presently
It was discovered that the client created his bitmap image using another graphic
application, while the developer made his bitmap in MS Paint.Or the default open/edit graphic application was changed(e.g. to ACDSee).

In order for a graphical OLE Link Object to function correctly, the bitmap
association on the development and client PC must be to MS PAINT.

To change the association of a bitmap file:
1. In Windows Explorer, open the View menu and choose Options.
2. Select the File Types tab.
3. Ensure that Bitmap Images is to open to MS PAINT.
Crystal Reports should be shut down and reopened if an re-association is done.

Remove the OpenWithList entry for the .bmp class and place the following into a .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Content Type"="image/bmp"







Save and then run it by regedit.exe.


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