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Product Life Cycle Management

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Product Life Cycle Management[@more@]

Product Life Cycle Management

Product designer offers the optimum support for integrated the wide range of product information. As a result of the first phase of a new development, they create engineering structures, which describe all the requirements and goals for a product class.

Based on this

When a new product is developed, the first product ideas with statements on the features or activities to be fulfilled are collected in a wide range of documents.

In addition to functional requirements , in basic engineering , the constraints are also checked. It’s useful to have checklists. These lists can be systematically checked and reused in the engineering process.

In the continuing detail engineering , the different requirements are evaluated and completed . Engineers implement the req.

iPPE Workbenchà engineering structureàProduct Designer

Concept Groupà

A concept contains a specific realization option for a component variant. It provides the information required for this specific possible solution. Such as a digital mockup document

For this reason, the product designer lets you link a node from the engineering structure to the idea for a solution. This link is implemented as a relationship between the node from the engineering structure and a concept.

The RFC destination must be set up. Maintain logical destination à

You use this process to distribute a product from a PLM system to one or more target systems. You perform the following steps:

When you first distribute a product.

When you distribute a new version of a product.

Fromework for object explosion purpose. The framework for object explosion was design to let you explode FOX lets . Only the objects that have not yet been correctly transferred to the target system by previous distribution Because of the large amount of data expected , the logical replication table can be distributed across several database tables. The standard UPS contains a predefined replication table . Corrections in the UPS , the distribution of objects in a UPS is asynchronous. For this reason, the processing using the UPS and the UPS in the source system must set up the object lists required in the target system independently. To allow a correct , consistent status of all objects, this objects list can contain errors due to technical or organizational

Message Status in the object list . on sending , a message is set up for each object and transferred to the ALE middleware . for further processing of distribution , it is necessary to have an overview of the status of these messages for this reason , the IDoc status of each message is determined dynamically . and the status of the message is shown by an icon.

The ALE distribution cockpit provides a central access point for processing your ALE distribution packets and ALE distribution units for distributions already executed in the source and target system. you can find errors in your distributions and make directly correction where required .

Recipe Management – The recipe workbench provides all the tolls you need to edit various application object in Recipe management simultaneously, the workbench also allows you to easily navigate between the different applications in one interface. Locking of objects in the workbench à when editing obj in the workbench , you can chosse between the following locking concepts . Changing or Displaying formulas, this procedure describes how you display and change formula data

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