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rdba - relative database block address of the branch block (file no/block no) scn – system change number of the block when last changed seq – number of block changes type – block type seg/obj – object id typ – segment type (index) Itl – Interested transaction Slots (default 2 for leaf blocks) including slot id, transaction id, undo block address, flag and locking info and scn of transaction[@more@]kdxcolev: index level (0 represents leaf blocks) kdxcolok: denotes whether structural block transaction is occurring kdxcoopc: internal operation code kdxconco: index column count kdxcosdc: count of index structural changes involving block kdxconro: number of index entries (does not include kdxbrlmc pointer) kdxcofbo: offset to beginning of free space within block kdxcofeo: offset to the end of free space (ie. first portion of block containing index data) kdxcoavs: available space in block (effectively area between the two fields above) kdxbrlmc: block address if index value is less than the first (row#0) value kdxbrsno: last index entry to be modified kdxbrbksz: size of usable block space kdxlespl: bytes of uncommitted data at time of block split that have been cleaned out kdxlende: number of deleted entries kdxlenxt: pointer to the next leaf block in the index structure via corresponding rba kdxleprv: pointer to the previous leaf block in the index structure via corresponding rba kdxlebksz: usable block space (by default less than branch due to the additional ITL entry) Row number (starting at 0) [starting location in block] dba Column number followed by column length followed by column value Repeated for each indexed index Repeated for each branch entry Note: column value is abbreviated to smallest value that uniquely defines path row number (starting at 0) followed by [starting location within block] followed by various flags (locking information, deletion flag etc.) index column number (starting at 0) followed by column length followed by column value repeated for each indexed column repeated for each index entry

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