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LRandy Pauschs Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Given at Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

McConomy Auditorium

For more information, see

© Copyright Randy Pausch, 20071

Note that this transcript. is provided as a public service but may contain transcription  errors.

    This translation was done by Lichao Chen (; I dont read Chinese, so I cannot verify it. Randy

    This translation is far from perfect and I presented it in the sprit of old Chinese saying throwing a brick to attract jade. Any comments, suggestions and corrections are highly appreciated. Lichao

兰迪.波许的最后讲座:真正实现你童年的梦想  2007 9 18 ,星期二, 于卡内基.梅隆大学

Introduction by Indira Nair, Carnegie Mellons Vice Provost for Education: 卡内基.梅隆大学副教务长英迪拉.内尔

    Hi. Welcome. Its my pleasure to introduce you to the first of our new universitys lectures titled Journeys lectures in which members of our community will share with us reflections and insights on their personal and professional journeys.

Todays Journeys lecture as you all know is by Professor Randy Pausch. The next one is on   Monday, September 24th by Professor Roberta Klatzky.

嗨。欢迎大家。我很高兴向大家介绍我们大学的题为旅途的新系列讲座的首场演讲- 这些演讲 是我们的社团成员与我们一起分享他们对个人和专业旅途的思考和洞察。

今天旅途演讲的主 讲人,你们都知道,是兰迪.波许教授。下一个是9 24 ,星期一,罗伯塔.克莱兹基教授。

1 This is temporary; we will be doing a creative commons license or some such; for now, please consider this footnote your permission to use this transcript. for any personal or non-commercial purposes. -- Randy

   To introduce Professor Randy Pausch, our first Journeys speaker, I would like to introduce Randys friend and colleague, Steve Seabolt. Steve has been at Electronic Arts for six years and is the Vice President of Global Brand Development for The Sims label at Electronic Arts. As you all know, The Sims is one of the most, if not the most successful PC games in the world, with sales approaching over 100,000.

   Prior to that, Steve was the Vice President for Strategic Marketing and Education at EA, bridging academia and Electronic Arts. His goal was to work with academics so there was an effective educational pathway for kids with building games as their dreams.

It was in that role that Randy and Steve became colleagues and friends. Before Electronic Arts, Steve was the worldwide Ad Director for Time Magazine and CEO of Sunset Publishing, which is a very favorite magazine in the Southwest, and as CEO there, one of the things he started was school tours, because like Randy he shares a passion for inspiring kids of all ages to share their excitement for science and technology.

    要介绍兰迪.波许教授, 我们旅途演讲的第一位主讲人,我希望先介绍兰迪的朋友和同事, 史蒂夫.西伯特。史蒂夫在艺电公司六年,是负责该公司"模拟人生"游戏全球品牌发展的副总裁。你们都知道, 模拟人生起码来说,是世界上最成功的个人计算机游戏之一, 销售了接近十万套

在那之前, 史蒂夫是艺电公司的战略行销和教育副总裁, 与学术界沟通。他的目标是同学术界一起为梦想创造计算机游戏的孩子们找到一条有效的教育途径。因此,兰迪和史蒂夫成为了同事和朋友。

在加入艺电公司之前, 史蒂夫是时代杂志世界广告部的主任和"日落出版",一本在西南地区非常受喜爱的杂志,的总经理。在任总经理期间, 他开始做的一件事是参观学校, 因为他和兰迪一样都热望让所有上进孩子们能分享他们对科技的热情。

So to introduce Randy, his friend Steve Seabolt. Steve?

, 由兰迪朋友史蒂夫.西伯特来作介绍 。史蒂夫? [applause][掌声]

Steve Seabolt, Vice President of Worldwide Publishing and Marketing for Electonic Arts(EA):


   Thank you very much. I dont mean to sound ungracious by correcting you, but given that our PR people are probably watching this on webcast, Id catch heck if I went home and didnt say that it was 100 million units for The Sims. [laughter] Not that big numbers matter to Electronic Arts. [laughter]

  I dont see any empty seats anywhere, which is a good thing, which means I just won a bet from Randy as a matter of fact. Depending upon whos version of the  story you hear, he either owes me 20 dollars or his new Volkswagen. [laughter] So, Ill take the car.

   谢谢。我不想显得很粗鲁地纠正您, 但是我们公关人员可能正在看网络直播, 如果我没有说"模拟人生"销售额是一亿套, 那我回去后要吃不了兜着走[ 笑声] . 当然艺电公司并不在意大数字[ 笑声]

我看不到任何空座位, 这很好, 这就意味着我和兰迪打赌赢了。根据你听谁说了, 他要么欠我20 美元,要么欠我他的新大众汽车[笑声] 好吧, 我要汽车。

   Its a pleasure to be here, thank you very much. Im going to start by covering Randys academic credentials. Its a little bizarre for me to be standing here at Carnegie Mellon, which is a school I couldnt get into no matter how much I contributed to this institution.

[laughter] But, no really, Im not kidding! You all think,oh gosh hes humble. Really, no, Im not humble at all. Very average SAT scores,you know, right in the middle of my high school class of 900. Anyway, Randy. Randy earned it really pisses me off that Randys so smartactually I called him, we decided about, what, four weeks, ago and we heard the news went from bad to horrific.

 It was on a Wednesday night and I said look we have two choices. We  can play this really straight and very emotional , or we can go to dark humor. And for those of you who know Randy well, he was like oh, dark humor! So I called him the next day and I was like, dude you cant die. And hes like, what do you mean? 

 And I said, well, when you die, the average of IQ of Seabolts friends is going to likedrop 50 points.

[laughter] To which he responded, we need to find you some marter friends.

[laughter] So youre all smart because youre here, so if you want to be my friend, Ill be over in a corner of the reception room.

很高兴能来到这里, 非常感谢。我将从兰迪的学术履历说起。我站在这里其实是有点怪异,因为无论我为这个学校资助了多少钱,

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