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oracle 10gR2 dataguard db_unique_name parameter

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Specifies a unique name for the database at this destination.

Category DB_UNIQUE_NAME=name
Data Type String
Valid values The name must match the value that was defined for this database with the DB_UNIQUE_NAME parameter.
Default value None
Requires attributes ... None
Conflicts with attributes ... None
Corresponds to ... DB_UNIQUE_NAME column of the V$ARCHIVE_DEST view

Usage Notes

  • This attribute is optional if:

    • The LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG=DG_CONFIG initialization parameter is not specified.

    • This is a local destination (specified with the LOCATION attribute).

  • This attributes is required if the LOG_ARCHIVE_CONFIG=DG_CONFIG initialization parameter is specified and if this is a remote destination (specified with theSERVICE attribute).

  • Use the DB_UNIQUE_NAME attribute to clearly identify the relationship between a primary and standby databases. This attribute is particularly helpful if there are multiple standby databases in the Data Guard configuration.

  • The name specified by the DB_UNIQUE_NAME must match one of the DB_UNIQUE_NAME values in the DG_CONFIG list. Redo transport services validate that theDB_UNIQUE_NAME attribute of the database at the specified destination matches the DB_UNIQUE_NAME attribute or the connection to that destination is refused.

  • The name specified by the DB_UNIQUE_NAME attribute must match the name specified by the DB_UNIQUE_NAME initialization parameter of the database identified by the destination.

This 10g new parameter must be set differently for a standby from that of the primary even though their db_name's are the same.

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