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Oracle Exadata在全球部署超过1000台

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Oracle announces 1,000th installation of Oracle Exadata Database Machine
Announcement / Corporate June 28, 2011, 19:50 IST

Growing Number of Customers Worldwide Transform. Performance, Reliability and Scalability of Packaged and Custom OLTP and Data Warehousing Applications.

News Facts

  • More than 1,000 Oracle Exadata Database Machines are installed at customer sites globally, Oracle today announced.
  • Customers have implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machines in 67 countries across 23 industries to power demanding database applications. 
  • The pre-engineered, pre-tested Oracle Exadata systems are helping customers address their IT and business challenges head-on by achieving:
    * Extreme performance of packaged and custom OLTP applications through the use of Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache;
    * Extreme data warehousing performance through offloading intensive query processing to scalable intelligent storage servers using Oracle Exadata Smart Scan;
    * 10x to 15x storage savings by reducing the size of tables or databases using Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression;
    * Substantial cost savings by consolidating workloads and servers onto a single Oracle Exadata Machine;
    * Simplified database administration and performance tuning; and
    * Faster time to market for new database applications and services.
  • Oracle Exadata is the only engineered system that supports enterprise OLTP business applications such as Oracle E-Buisness Suite, Oracle’s Siebel CRM, and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications. 
  • Featuring Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software, Oracle Exadata provides the software, servers, storage and networking for all database requirements.
  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine is available in four configurations: the Oracle Exadata X2-2 quarter-rack, half-rack and full-rack, and the Oracle Exadata X2-8 full-rack systems.
3.通过Smart Flash Cache技术帮助用户实现OLTP/OLAP系统的急速性能
4.使用Hybrid Columnar Compression技术帮助用户实现10~15倍的存储缩减
5.Oracle Exadata服务器可以以4种配置出售:Exadata x2-2 1/4配置,1/2配置,满配,以及Exadata X2-8满配.

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