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 SELECT ksppinm, ksppstvl, ksppdesc
   FROM x$ksppi x, x$ksppcv y
   WHERE x.indx = y.indx
  AND translate(ksppinm,'_','#') like '#%'
  order by ksppinm;


KSPPINM                                                          KSPPSTVL                                                                         KSPPDESC
---------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
_NUMA_instance_mapping                                           Not specified                                                                    Set of nodes that this instance should run on
_NUMA_pool_size                                                  Not specified                                                                    aggregate size in bytes of NUMA pool
_PX_use_large_pool                                               FALSE                                                                            Use Large Pool as source of PX buffers
_abort_recovery_on_join                                          FALSE                                                                            if TRUE, abort recovery on join reconfigurations
_active_standby_fast_reconfiguration                             TRUE                                                                             if TRUE optimize dlm reconfiguration for active/standby OPS
_adaptive_direct_read                                            TRUE                                                                             Adaptive Direct Read
_adaptive_fetch_enabled                                          TRUE                                                                             enable/disable adaptive fetch in parallel group by
_affinity_on                                                     TRUE                                                                             enable/disable affinity at run time
_aiowait_timeouts                                                100                                                                              Number of aiowait timeouts before error is reported
_all_shared_dblinks                                                                                                                               treat all dblinks as shared
_allocate_creation_order                                         FALSE                                                                            should files be examined in creation order during allocation
_allocation_update_interval                                      3                                                                                interval at which successful search in L1 should be updated
_allow_error_simulation                                          FALSE                                                                            Allow error simulation for testing
_allow_read_only_corruption                                      FALSE                                                                            allow read-only open even if database is corrupt
_allow_resetlogs_corruption                                      FALSE                                                                            allow resetlogs even if it will cause corruption
_allow_terminal_recovery_corruption                              FALSE                                                                            Finish terminal recovery even if it may cause corruption
_always_anti_join                                                CHOOSE                                                                           always use this method for anti-join when possible
_always_semi_join                                                CHOOSE                                                                           always use this method for semi-join when possible
_always_star_transformation                                      FALSE                                                                            always favor use of star transformation
_app_ctx_vers                                                    TRUE                                                                             enable app ctx versioning


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