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新装Oracle 11gR2重要说明——Patchset p10098816(附补丁下载地址)

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Attentionnew installation of Oracle


以往安装Oracle或者10.2.0.5的时候,需要先安装10.2.0.1,然后在10.2.0.1ORACLE_HOME路径下再安装patchset p6810189升级到10.2.0.4,或patchset p8202632升级到10.2.0.5,这种称为In-place Upgrade开始的补丁包p10098816为完全安装包(full installation package),因此新装11.2.0.2的话,不需要先安装11.2.0.1,而是可以直接安装11.2.0.2;而对于原先已有11.2.0.1或者11gR1,需要升级到11.2.0.2的,则有Out-of-placeIn-place两种方式,Oracle推荐采用Out-of-place




2010 年 9 月 13 日: 上现已提供适用于 Linux 的补丁集。注意:这是一个完整安装(无需先下载。详细信息请参见(需要登录到 My Oracle Support)。


Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets Starting With [ID 1189783.1]



Simplified new installation: Because the release patch set is a full installation package, if you are installing Oracle Database on a system without an existing Oracle Database installation, then you can simply install the release patch set. You are no longer required to install the base release, and then apply the patch set.


Upgrade process: Beginning with the release patch set, you have two ways to apply a patch set:

Out-of-place upgradeThis is Oracle's recommended way to apply a patch set. You install the patch set into a new, separate Oracle home location. After you install the patch upgrade, you then migrate the Oracle Database from the older Oracle home. The patch set upgrade is now the same process to upgrade from one version to another. Oracle recommends that you perform. an out-of-place patch set upgrade, because this patch set application option requires much less downtime, and is safer because it does not require patching an ORACLE_HOME that is already being used in production. However, you must ensure that you have sufficient free disk space to accommodate two Oracle home directories at the same time.

In-place upgrade – You install the patch set into an existing Oracle home location. Oracle recommends that you select this option only if you do not have sufficient free disk space to perform. an out-of-place upgrade, as the upgrade removes the existing Oracle installation. This patch option requires less disk space, but requires more time, and is riskier, because if you encounter an installation failure, then you must recover the entire existing Oracle home from a backup. If you choose this more risky option, then before you begin the patch installation, complete the following tasks:

o Make a complete backup of your existing Oracle home

o Read through the entire Upgrade Guide section dealing with in-place upgrades



Patchset p10098816_112020 for Linux 32bit Download(4.9G (5147842385 bytes)) :

File Size 1.3G (1322952768 bytes) 1.0G (1050532828 bytes) 824M (864428964 bytes) 634M (665723921 bytes) 586M (615198212 bytes) 488M (512243685 bytes) 111M (116762007 bytes)


Patchset p10098816_112020 for Linux 64bit Download (4.8G (5030697826 bytes)):

File Size 1.2G (1307536871 bytes) 1.0G (1049912579 bytes) 814M (854185065 bytes) 612M (641768496 bytes) 562M (590117949 bytes) 454M (476740652 bytes) 105M (110436214 bytes)


Patchset p10098816_112020 for IBM AIX Power System (64bit)Download(7.0G (7289474467 bytes) ):

File Size 1.6G (1715479612 bytes) 976M (1024398447 bytes) 1.9G (1958184355 bytes) 943M (988848152 bytes) 811M (851439718 bytes) 513M (538374365 bytes) 202M (212749818 bytes)


Patchset p10098816_112020 for HP-UX PA(64bit)Download (4.8G (5081896554 bytes)):

File Size 1.5G (1524908132 bytes) 1.0G (1077885982 bytes) 928M (973892224 bytes) 748M (784556704 bytes) 491M (515471724 bytes) 195M (205181788 bytes)


Patchset p10098816_112020 for HP-UX IA(64bit)Download (6.7G (7070177298 bytes)):

File Size 1.6G (1670003540 bytes) 1.2G (1296082511 bytes) 1.2G (1253884960 bytes) 1.0G (1050965549 bytes) 875M (918113826 bytes) 579M (607480056 bytes) 260M (273646856 bytes)


Patchset p10098816_112020 for Solaris on SPARC(64bit)Download (5.2G (5468090473 bytes):

File Size 1.4G (1424340642 bytes) 1.0G (1069940891 bytes) 918M (963322999 bytes) 674M (707499362 bytes) 621M (651345204 bytes) 483M (506870488 bytes) 138M (144770887 bytes)


Patchset p10098816_112020 for Windows x86-64(64bit)Download (4.6G (4775068404 bytes)):

File Size 1.2G (1289661287 bytes) 963M (1009889844 bytes) 674M (706772681 bytes) 589M (617719136 bytes) 516M (541615618 bytes) 474M (497235272 bytes) 106M (112174566 bytes)


Patchset p10098816_112020 for Windows x86(32bit)Download(3.9G (4111480726 bytes)):

File Size 1.2G (1292132858 bytes) 949M (995799857 bytes) 594M (623442391 bytes) 526M (551658883 bytes) 491M (515635292 bytes) 126M (132811445 bytes)

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