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sage x3称重管理说明书

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                Simplify traceability processes whilst reducing the risk of errors

       简化追溯过程 . 降低错误风险

               Integrate Enterprise Management with scales to automatically make stock updates and update work-in- process                         production management in real time

Sage X3 和称量系统集成



Intended especially for life science customers such as pharmaceutical or cosmetics manufacturers .



Across pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, Central Weighing is a critical area in production units as all components must be carefully identified and weighed . 在整个制药和化妆品行业中,中央称重是生产单元中的关键区域,因为必须仔细识别和称重所有组件。


Weighing is an essential part of the production process and must be controlled and executed with both methodology and rigor to ensure that the products used are free from contamination and errors. The Enterprise Management Central weighing feature is used to define the weighing requirements of all products and raw materials.

称重是生产过程中必不可少的部分,必须通过方法学和严谨性加以控制和执行,以确保所使用的产品没有污染和错误。 Sage x3中央称量功能用于定义所有产品和原材料的称量要求。



With the ability to connect and interact with a scale device the Weighing Scale feature allows the automatic updating in Enterprise management of the weights on the scales, it updates stock and work- in-process production management in real time.

称重功能具有与称重设备连接并与之交互的功能,可以在Sage X3中自动更新磅秤上的重量,实时更新库存和在制品生产管理。



Key benefits for your business: 为您的业务带来的主要好处:


·         Secure weighing operations and component checks 安全的称重操作和组件检查

·         Visibility and assistance across the whole weighing chain 整个称重链的可视化和协作

·         Intuitive and controlled weighing: operators have a powerful system at their disposal which reduces the risk of errors caused by manual systems 直观且可控制的称量:操作员可以使用强大的系统,这减少了手动系统导致错误的风险

·          Simplify processes with integration into the Enterprise Management production management information system 通过集成到Sage X3生产管理信息系统中来简化流程

·          Ensure compliance with standards (Pharmaceutical), full upstream and downstream traceability of materials Key Features 确保符合标准 ( 制药 ) ,物料的上下游可追溯性



Key Features 主要功能

· Drive the weighing through the weighing process by sending three different orders to the scale: Reset / Tare weight / Weighing

通过向称重设备发送三个不同的命令来驱动称重过程:重置 / 皮重 / 称重

· Supports multiple weighing modes: Weighing by work order- Commonly used when components to be weighed are in the same process. Weighing by product- commonly used for when a weighing campaign (grouping several work order and operation) is created to weigh the same component. 支持多种称重模式 : 按工单称重 —— 通常用于称重的组件在同一过程中。按产品称重 —— 通常用于创建一个称重过程 ( 将多个工作订单和操作分组 ) 来对同一组件进行称重。

Weighing in manufacturing -when a direct use of the material in during the mixture operation. 在生产中称量 —— 当在混合操作中直接使用物料时。

· The weighted quantity is recorded in real-time to trigger actions . 称重的数量被实时记录,以触发操作。

Material tracking : normal action if the stock quantity is sufficient to issue the component stock 物料跟踪 : 当库存数量足够发放料件时,库存的常规操

Stock count movement : exceptional action if the weighing process highlights a stock variance. 库存盘点移动 : 当称重过程突出显示库存差异时的异常操作

· To ensure traceability all data is captured, including user, scale, quantity to weight, actual quantity weighed, tare weight 为确保可追溯性,将捕获所有数据,包括用户,秤,称重数量,实际称量数量,皮重

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