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I do not even think it's a case of people loving PSO

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I do not even think it's a case of people loving PSO, I would imagine most people have never played with the very first. I believe PC players are only starved for a new MMO encounter right now. I believe that new MMO high is being chased by everybody. They have completely under estimated how lots of people would play Phantasy Star Online 2. We have 3 ships, compared to  the 12 in JP. It is insane to me that they hope for it to perform good with a fraction of resources and would release a match. And it showsthe client can't handle the number of players packed in the lobbies and half of the time is currently operating 10FPS.

Without these problems, the first thing I noticed when I finished the tutorial is the outside of hud elements, the user interface is atrocious. Everything is at a submenu, actually bothering anything needs you to right click an item, then enter your character sheet, then recognize that oh, well that was useless as it does not acknowledge that you were picking a piece of equipment, and then go through a separate menu on your character sheet to equip items. Go into this random menu in the store section, and no where on the page does it tell you how you can use them, don't worry, simply click on this arbitrary segment where it essentially says you are going to need to pay, then go into a right-click menu, and among the choices is, out of the like, six, is"make use of the scratch ticket".

Put of bizarre obfuscation over each and every menu item. It is -so- bizarre, and apparently it has been like this since launch!? I can not even fathom how weird the menus are about a controller, as this doesn't seem to gain any player.I've been playing it on Xbox for a couple of weeks and holy shit that the UI is so fucking obtuse it makes it so difficult to work out anything. I am really trying hard to come to grips with it although I know that it's an old game. And like I would like to play with it and that is what's making me push through. I can not imagine what curious folk are going to make of it. It's just everything. Selecting a mission. Equipping a product. Updating a weapon. It is just a nightmare and badly explained. I move in and I stink the fun of it and things, but at level 25 and following a few weeks of casual play, I still don't have any notion about what I'm really intended to be trying to attain. I've asked for help and I get a great deal of jargon and terms thrown back at me and I am like"What?"

It is a bummer people are having some serious problems with it. I managed to get in and play for about an hour or so and gameplay-wise I was having a decent time that is enough. It feels just like how I remember PSO playing. The interface is awful. Selecting another story mission was a woman at a kiosk and just two displays. I think if you want a dumb loot grind you could do worse and  can get past this. If that is worth the huge install dimensions to you is another thing.This is very good to know; I needed to stop so that I did not see much beyond it. But I'm hoping to get back this day and mess around some more. Once I was banging Kirkland's very best rappies I was having a fantastic time.

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