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SAP公司间STO里发货单过账后触发的IDoc报错 – Could not find code page for –

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SAP公司间STO里发货单过账后触发的IDoc报错 – Could not find code page for receiving system –



Error occurred while IDoc '0000000000004067' was being sent

Message no. EA076


The IDoc '0000000000004067' created was to be sent. An error occurred : 'Could not find code page of target system'.


Check the current status of the IDoc. The IDoc may already have been sent (repeat send attempt). If the IDoc has still not been sent properly, please inform your system administration.


Could not find code page for receiving system

Message no. E0266


For the logical destination S4DCLNT1001, you want to determine the code page in which the data is sent using RFC. This was not possible at the current runtime. For this reason, the IDoc could not be sent.

The reason was issued.

Procedure for System Administration

The following detailed information was transmitted as the cause of the problem:

001 The entry no longer exists in the table of logical destinations.

002 The destination type could not be determined.

003 Problem while determining the destination properties

004 MDMP is active

005 Client code pace is active

006 For the language used, , no code page was stored

007The logon language is not installed in the target system.

008 The external program (TCP/IP) registered with a different code page than the one that was set in SM59.

Further possible causes include:

1. The target system could not be accessed at runtime.

2. No logon language or explicit code page is maintained in the destination.

在事务代码WE21找到这个RFC的destination  S4DCLNT1001,

把上面的Unicode选项卡里勾选‘Unicode’选项,然后重新process idoc,则成功了,



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