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WebSphere for iSeries Newsgroup

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This page provides a link to the WebSphere for iSeries discussion newsgroup.

The WebSphere for iSeries Newsgroup is available at the following location:

News Server:
Please use this new NNTP newsgroup for WebSphere for iSeries related questions and discussion.

Additionally, please include the following information when posting questions/problems to the newsgroup:

WebSphere edition (i.e.: WebSphere Advanced Edition)
WebSphere version (i.e.: V5.0)
OS/400 version (i.e.: V5R2M0)
The new NNTP newsgroup may be accessed using a newsreader such as Netscape Messenger. Some organizations have a policy of blocking NNTP access at the firewall. If your IT department blocks NNTP access, you will not be able to access the newsgroup with a newsreader. Instead, the WebSphere for iSeries newsgroup may be accessed on Deja News, Inc. using a browser.

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