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You want to monitor and control the resource usage by sessions.You want to be warned automatically when more than 100 sessions are opened with your database.What action would you take to achieve this?
A. Use the Database Resource Manager.
B. Set the limits in the profiles used by users.
C. Modify the SESSIONS initialization parameter.
D. Set the warning threshold for the Current Logons Count metric.
Answer: D

SQL> show parameter license;

NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
license_max_sessions                 integer     0
license_max_users                    integer     0
license_sessions_warning             integer     0
设置这3个 就可以

license_max_users 限制被授权使用oracle的人数 到这个数后不能建用户
license_max_sessions达到会话连接的最大数 ,到了后只有 拥有restricted session 权限用户能连接
license_max_warning 就是警告
查v$license ~~~~~可以  设为0 就是无限

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