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you cannot use the non-datetracked position window becase hr is installed.instead ,use datetracked position window
app-pay-06401:you cannot use the enter preson form. because human resources is fully installed,instead , use the human  resources people form.

安装了HR就不能再在PO设置了,到HRMS Management责任下设置。


Could Not Access Enter Employee Window when Human Resources Is Installed.
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fact: Oracle Purchasing
fact: Oracle Human Resources
symptom: Could not access Enter Employee window from applications other
than Oracle Human Resources
symptom: APP-06041:This screencan not be accessed when Oracle Human
Resources Installed
symptom: Cause: You can not use the screen if Oracle HR or Oracle Payroll
are installed
symptom: Action: Remove from your menu PERWSEMP and substituit it with
symptom: Full Installation of Oracle Human Resources
change: NOTE ROLE: The Navigation Path is:
Oracle Sales and Marketing:
Setup > Sales Organization > Personnel > Employees

Oracle Purchasing:
Setup > Personnel > Employees

Oracle Inventory:
Setup > Organizations > Employees
cause: When HR is Installed Full - you cannot access any HR forms from
other responsibilities


Modify the Employees menu item function as the Action section of the error
message above states. Determine the correct menu item to modify:
1. Sign on to the application as System Administrator
2. Navigate to Security -> Responsibility -> Define.
3. Find the responsibility you are using when the error message occurs. (Sales
   and Marketing Super User)
4. Copy the name of the menu that this responsibility uses. (AS_SUPERUSER)
5. Navigate to Application -> Menu.
6. Query the menu from step 4. (AS_SUPERUSER)
7. Copy the name of the menu item which you would use to navigate to the
   Employees function in your specific application. (AS_SETUP)
8. Repeat 6) and 7) until you see the Navigator prompt Employees
9. Change the value of the Function field on this line to Combined Per & Asg
   Form. If you select this from the LOV you would also see the Function Name
10. Save your changes.
11. Switch responsibilities and use the responsibility you just modified.
12. Navigate back to the Employees form. The error will not occur and you
    should see the same form. used in the Human Resources application for
    entering and maintaining employees.
Oracle assumes that all HR information will be entered and maintained within the
Oracle Human Resources application, if it is installed.  If Oracle HR is not
fully installed then it is said to be a shared install of HR. Applications other
than HR can enter and maintain HR data using their respective seeded navigation
paths and functions only in a shared install.

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