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Uninstall Oracle Database 11g Windows 7

I have an Oracle database 11g standard edition installed in my Windows 7 OS. Today I tried uninstalling it to install a fresh Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition version. Here are the steps I follow to uninstall my Oracle Database 11g version
1) First step is to stop all the services relevant to Oracle database 11g. In windows 7 navigate from Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services
2) Click on Oracle Service OracleServiceORACLE_SID,OracleDBConsoleOracle_SID,OracleOraDB11g_homeTNSListener and Click on Link stop. Also stop these services if they are enabled - OracleMTSRecoveryService, OracleJobSchedulerOracle_SID
3) Now its time to remove references from Registry. In Windows 7 search box type regedit. This opens the Registry Editor
4) Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Click on Software. Choose Oracle Folder. Delete it completely. Also Remove HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServices and remove oracle relevant entries from there (All will have either Oracle or Ora prefix)
5) Remove the PATH variable from environment variables if set
6) Delete the database files manually from the local machine
In this process of deleting files I got an error which said windows process WmiPrvSE.exe process makes use of certain dlls such as oracell11.dll,oraldapclnt11.dll etc. I renamed the bin folder to bin_old. I restarted the system and it fixed the issue


卸载 Oracle Database 11g Windows 7

我在我的Win7系统上安装了Oracle database 11g标准版.今天我想卸载它,安装全新的Oracle Database 11g企业版.
1)第一步,停止所有Oracle database 11g相关的服务. 在Win7下, 开始->控制面板->管理工具->服务

2)选择服务Oracle Service OracleServiceORACLE_SID,OracleDBConsoleOracle_SID,OracleOraDB11g_homeTNSListener,

停止它.如果有OracleMTSRecoveryService, OracleJobSchedulerOracle_SID等其他的Oracle服务,一并停止.

3)移除注册表的相关信息.在Win7的搜索框中键入'regedit' ,来打开注册表编辑器.

4) 选择 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -- Software -- Oracle ,完全删除.

选择HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServices  删除Oracle相关的键值(全部以Oracle或Ora开头的)

5)删除环境变量中,PATH 变量中的Oracle路径, 删除Oracle_Hone变量

6)从安装路径中删除文件,可能会有报错: Windows 进程 WmiPrvSE.exe .....


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