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some advice from oracle support.

1. Use more database buffers to reduce the need for Disk I/O. 
2. Organize objects that are heavily accesses such that they are  
   on separate disks.  
3. Separate indexes from tables place into different tablespaces and split these tablespaces onto different disks.  
4. Stripe heavily accessed objects over multiple disks.  
5. Separate redo logs onto a lightly loaded disk drive.  
   Note: Raid 5 based disks are NOT a good location for redo logs 
6. Place rollback segments into to separate tablespaces and then  
   by the listing order in the init.ora interleaf the access  
   between the two tablespaces.  
7. Use multiple database writers up to the number of disk spindles  
   that are being accessed.  
8. Use the Explain plan utility to check the most common SQL

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