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A tired day

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Today,I have had a interview with Mari's HR.While waiting outside the meeting room,We some interviewers had a chat on the paper exam yesterday.There had someone knew the answer of the last subject.I want to know more of it,but he just know the answer.he said i can find the reason from the net.When i am called in,it was surprise that the hr asked me the same question!!so i think it is necessary to find all the answers after the paper exam.
After the interview,I came to the College Activity Center of HUST,I have a seat in the back of the classroom.Moment later,some student came in,sit by my side,we talk something about the company's job description,I found sit in the behind of the classroom is really a good can do anything as you want.Never to hear the hr's boring talking.At last,we post our's resume,the hr said it will have a result tonight.Wish I can have the ticket to have a interview.


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