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第78次上IM课(IMO81:About Children and Parents)

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1、 Yesdefinitely

2、 Yesperhaps

3、 Wellthat depends

4、 Notnot really

5、 Nodefinitely not



1、 Children should obey their parents without question

2、 It is advantage to be an only child

3、 Girls and boys should be brought up in the same way without definite roles

4、 Most men would prefer to have a son as their first child

5、 You should never hit a child

6、 It is a child’s duty to look after his or her parents when they are old.

7、 Parents should never quarrel in front of their children

8、 The best way of punishing a child is to stop his or her allowance

9、 Babies are boring

10、 It is wrong for both parents to work if they have small children

11、 No family should be allowed to have more than four children

12、 Children under 18 should never be out later than 11 o’clock in the evening

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