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1 keep moving the goal postspeople change rules so make it difficult to achieve the goal

my sales target last month was 50000RMBBut every time I make my target my boss keeps moving the goal posts to higher and higher targets


1 back the wrong horsebet the wrong horse

you’ve been supporting Manchester United this seasonbut Arsenal won the championshipsIt looks like you’ve backed the wrong horse this tie

2、 horses for coursesgiving right job to appropriate person

3、 neck and neck = neck in necksame/equal in a competition

my company is neck in neck with our competitor to get the largest market share-neither one can seem to get ahead of the other

4、 keep sb onside ensure/support of a particular group

I’d like to say we can do this project alonebut I think it will be valuable to keep a consulting firm onside just incase

5、 drop the balllost the game / fail

6、 play ball cooperate

we tried to get the bank to lend us money for our new projectbut they refused to play ball

7、 the ball’s in your courtit’s your turn to act

I’ve done everything I can with the projectI think now the ball’s in your court

8、 a level playing fielda possibility for both sides to have an equal play

China’s joining the WTO will help to create a level playing field in international trade

9、 par for the coursesthe expected result

The boss says we have to work overtime again this weekendWellthat’s par for the courseisn’t itwe always have extra work before Spring Festival

10、 touch basecontact somebody

I’ve haven’t seen you for a while and I’m coming to town laterso I thought I might stop by and touch baseIs that ok

11、 a major playera very important person

Sony is a major player in marking electronics products

12、 heavyweighthas power could control

A lot of heavyweights in the construction industry will attend the conference in March

13、 on the ballbe well-informed

my assistant is really greatShe’s always on the ball and ready to help with any project

14、 in a whole new ball gamebe in a different position

Everybody used to watch VCDsbut when DVDs were introduced we were in a whole new ball game

15、 run with the balltake the idea and try your best to make it

If we can get the marketing department to run with the ball this products should sell ready well

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