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1、 see past the end of his nosehe can’t see past the end of his nose

2、 see reasonhe can’t see reasonso he fires good workers

3、 see what you meannow I see what you mean


1、 see something comingJohn was fired today and I saw it coming

2、 see eye to eye I don’t see eye to eye with my dad

3、 see through someone/somethingI see through his lies

4、 see the pointI see your point

5、 see thingsyou must be seeing things

6、 see the lightthose idiots refuse to see the light

7、 see through my eyestry seeing the problem through my eyes

8、 see the big picturethat’s a small pointnow see the big picture

9、 see redif you break his stuff he will see red

10、 see the worldafter high schoolI left home to see the world

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