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第39次上Topic课(Idiom and Saying and Phrase)

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Feel like want

What’s up what’s wrong

Pull someone’s leg have a joke

Short cut fast way

Make up your mind decided by yourself


Gone for good not back

make do only

go ahead OKtake it

keep an eye on have a look watch

tied up very busy

hang on wait a minute have a minute

never mind Don’t worry

get a move on come quickly


1、 Are you hungryNobut I feel like a drink

2、 Do you think they’ll come back to chinaNo I think they’ve gone for good

3、 Do you have a lot of customers to visitYes I’m tied up all day

4、 Did she tell you there were no beds in the hotelYesbut I think she was pulling my leg

5、 Do you need a really big houseWellI’d like onebut I can make do with a small house if I have to

6、 You did ityou have to face the music

MeansYou have to accept the consequences

7、 Yesyou hit the nail on the head

Meansyou’re absolutely right

8、 You two don’t see eye to eye

MeansYou don’t agree with each other

9、 You have to learn it by heart

MeansYou have to memorize it

10、 You are an old hand at teaching

MeansYou’re experienced

11、 That’s greatYou keep everything under your thumb

MeansYou have control of the situation

12、 You don’t want to stick your neck outdo you?(冒风险)

MeansYou don’t want to take the risk

13、 The sight of abused children makes my blood boil

14、 The teacher gave me a hand with the homework

15、 Go ahead and have a breakI’ll keep an eye on the kids

16、 You deserve a pat on the back for a job well done!

17、 My friend turned a deaf ear on my request for a loan

18、 You must be pulling my legThat can’t be true

19、 Turn that music downIt sets my teeth on edge

20、 You need to take a breakrelax and let your hair down

21、 This is just too difficult for meit’s way above my head

22、 I dare you to say that to his face

23、 You will need to learn these rules by heart if you want to pass the exam

24、 Don’t show him those chocolatesHe’s got a sweet tooth and will eat them all up

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