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第34次上Topic课(Your Weekday’s Schedule)

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Get up = get out of bed 起床

At the weekend UK English

On the weekend USA English


shuttle bus

company bus

punch in 打卡

feet mile yard inch

On the weekdaysI get up and get dress at 720

FollowingI come to dinning room turn on the TV and boil the water

How thenI go to bathroom wash my face and brush my teeth

When it finishedI come to dinning room make a cup of tea and have breakfast

at the same time watching TV

At 750I must be leave my home and go to bus stop

I take the bus from bus stop to subway stationIt takes me 20 minutes

In the subwayit takes me 20 minutes

After thenI have walk 15 minutes to my office

I turn on my notebook PC and start work

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