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第33次上Topic课(About How)

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How are you doing

How is everything

How about you?

How do you do?


How are you?

How is your self

How cold it is?

How to do sth?

How is sth/sb?

How many / How much / How long / How old / How far / How often

How big is your house?

How come = why

How come you never visit us any more?

How come you got that position in your company?

How then?接下来

How often…..

Here’s how 敬酒语

Hows and whys 方法和原因

Please tell me hows and whys

However 用在句中,表转折

How I wish to。。。

How I wish to have a long holiday these days

manual work = physical work 体力劳动

mental work 脑力劳动

get acquaint with sb 与某人结识

original 原创的

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